Jeffrey Pan AKA


UNITED STATES - 28 years old


Jeffrey, also known as DeliciousMilkGG, Milk Guy, or simply Milk, is a formidable presence in the Teamfight Tactics (TFT) scene. Renowned for his mastery of high-cost units and powerful synergies, Milk excels at crafting potent endgame compositions. This exceptional ability has made him a consistent top 4 finisher, securing victories over his peers who struggle to match his late-game dominance. His impressive track record includes first place in the 2023 DSG Trials: TFT, the 2022 Gizmos & Gadgets: NA Regional Finals, and the 2022 International Double Up Invitational. Milk has even achieved the remarkable feat of holding the number one and two spots simultaneously in multiple sets. With a significant Twitch following of 162K, he continues to be a major figure in the TFT community.