Luka Perković AKA


HR - 24 years old


God among men, it is said of Perkz that G2 owes him everything.
While the European structure has only just joined the LEC (at the time still EU LCS) in 2016, G2 wins the continental title in both splits.

In 5 years with G2, he won 8 LEC titles, reached the 1/4 of the Worlds in 2018, the final in 2019 and the semi-final in 2020 – a legend.

After 1 year in the USA with Cloud9, which he brought to the 1/4 of the Worlds in 2021, he is also marked by homesickness and wants to come back to Europe.

He signed with Vitality for 3 years with the goal of winning the ultimate trophy that is missing from his collection: the Worlds.
Adulated by the fans, respected by all his opponents, his aura becomes almost divine.