Oskar Boderek AKA


PL - 23 years old


After bringing Team Vitality back to the playoffs in his first split (Summer 2021), he is ready to do everything to get back to the Worlds he had known in 2020 with Fnatic (loss in the quarterfinals) and the arrival of his new talented teammates should allow him to resume his superstar trajectory.
A journey that he had begun in 2018 with a victory at the EU Masters that led him to join SK for a year 2019 in LEC where he was considered the biggest European talent. After this first experience, he joined Fnatic in 2020 with the result that we know (see above).
Ultra instinctive player, able to see opportunities where others see nothing, he shines when he is free of any constraint and can let his genius express itself. A controversial personality, it is his love of the game that fuels his champion flame.