• Team Vitality doubles down on its commitment to the mobile esports scene with the unveiling of its Honor of Kings roster.
  • Unveiled as the only Western European esports club participating in Honor of Kings Partnership Programme, Team Vitality’s international roster is set to make its debut at the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2, kicking off on June 29th.
  • Set to launch on June 20th, fans can pre-register for Honor of Kings’ upcoming launch at honorofkings.com/pre-register.

 Leading esports club Team Vitality is excited to unveil its latest roster ahead of the launch of upcoming competitive mobile title Honor of Kings. The new international roster is set to make its competitive debut at the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2, which kicks off on June 29th.


Made up of talented players from across the globe, with veterans and newcomers alike, the club’s Honor of Kings roster is ready to test their mettle and prove themselves on the international stage.

Composition of the roster

  • Giorgio “Nighty” Hu – 19 – Clash: Adept in mobile MOBAs, Nighty recently transitioned to Honor of Kings with the goal of competing in tournaments across the globe on his favourite game. 
  • Giovanni “Shanks” Song – 18 – Jungle: Having achieved victory at the Turkish Honor of Kings Championship in 2022, Shanks now takes on a new challenge as he enters the international stage with Team Vitality.
  • Martin “hailand” Raza – 18 – Mid: The youngest member of the team, joining Team Vitality marks his debut as a professional player on the international stage. Hailand is well-known for his fierce prowess in the midlane and kind demeanour off the field.
  • Jannis “Jasch” Schimmel – 24 – Farm: After gaining renown through competing on other mobile MOBA titles, Jasch transitioned to Honor of Kings and quickly became a high performing player. Jasch maintains a high level of professionalism in his daily training and consistently pushes himself, aiming for the top.
  • Changpeng “Ctboy” Qi – 22 – Roam: After achieving victory with teammate Shanks at the Turkish Honor of Kings Championship in 2022, Ctboy joins his fellow teammate as they take on the world this summer.
  • Benjamin “Benji” Bourdeau – 21 – Roam: Driven by his passion for Honor of Kings and his unwavering determination, french player Benji consistently ranks Top 10 on the European leadership. A dominant player, Benji claimed victory at the 2022 European Championship and continued to play regional tournaments in the MENA region before joining the hive.
  • Jie “Andy” Zhang – 22 – Coach: Previously a champion in the Southwest Division of a national Chinese competition, and later becoming a youth training coach for Estar Pro, Andy now joins the hive as they look to make their mark as they make their debut at the Invitational Season 2.
  • Sabrina “Sya” Starke – 26 – Manager: With a diverse background and track record of success in various tournaments, Sya expands on her ability to build and lead teams to success with Team Vitality’s new roster. 

The new roster will make their competitive debut on June 29th at the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2, taking place in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Team Vitality will be one of the 13 international teams competing for their share of a prize pool and a chance to participate in the Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason, held during the Esports World Cup in Riyadh this summer.

Ahead of the Invitational Season 2, Team Vitality journeyed to China for a series of bootcamps with local teams to learn from some of the best, hone their skills, and visit the HQ of the game’s developer,TiMi Studio Group, in Chengdu, China.

Sabrina “Sya” Starke, Team Vitality’s Honor of Kings Team Manager, commented, “The trip to China was a real eye opener for myself and the team – we learned so much and made many connections and new friends in the mobile esports space. We can’t wait to show off what we’ve learned on the international stage and represent Europe in the Invitational Season 2. While we may be a relatively new team, we’re confident and ready to shake things up against more seasoned players.”


Team Vitality are proud to unveil that they are the only Western European organisation to partner with Honor of Kings in the Partnership Program. The partnership will provide Team Vitality the opportunity to cultivate a closer relationship with Honor of Kings, gaining direct invitations to priority tournaments and promotional support from official Honor of Kings social media channels. 

This partnership aligns with the French esports clubs global expansion strategy, adding a new roster to their already powerful lineup ahead of the Esports World Cup. Additionally, the new roster and partnership provides a golden opportunity for Team Vitality to strengthen their presence in two key markets – the Chinese competitive esports scene and global mobile competitive scene

With a goal of making an impact at the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2 and qualifying for the EWC, this new team is a major asset for Team Vitality as they look ahead to the EWC Club Championship this summer. With their sights set on victory, the French club aims to accumulate as many points, awarded based on performance, across a variety of competitive titles throughout the competition. The overall winner will be crowned the inaugural Esports World Cup Champion at the end of August.

“We are grateful to Tencent for their confidence in Team Vitality. We have the unique opportunity to occupy a special place in one of their flagship games, the most played and watched mobile MOBA in the world. We can’t wait to show our ambition and take part in the show,” says Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, co-founder and President of Team Vitality. “This strategic decision consolidates our desire to be part of the biggest esports franchises.”


Developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Level Infinite, Honor of Kings is already the world’s most played mobile MOBA with over 100M daily active users and that number is set to grow when the game continues its global roll-out on June 20th.

Honor of Kings already operates an impressive esports ecosystem and recently announced a $15 million investment to grow both the amateur and professional scene. 

From now until June 20th, players can pre-register for Honor of Kings’ upcoming launch and work together to claim a series of rewards with each milestone achieved.  The more pre-registrations, the more rewards will be unlocked! 

  • Free Hero – Ying & Crimson Tassel Ying Skin: Awarded to all who pre-register
  • Level 1 Milestone Unlocked: 500 Diamonds
  • Level 2 Milestone Unlocked: 2000 Arcana Fragments
  • Level 3 Milestone Unlocked: Free Hero – Luban N0.7 and 5000 Starstones
  • Level 4 Milestone Unlocked: All Heroes Trial Pass and 1 Free Skin (4 available options)

Head to honorofkings.com/pre-register

At launch, Honor of Kings will support 16 languages including English / French / German / Spanish