Today we wanted to share with you that we have mutually agreed with Louis-Victor “Mephisto” Legendre that he is no longer an active part of Team Vitality since March 31 2023. 

Mephisto has been a part of Vitality since 2019, first as assistant coach for two years and then as head coach for two years. We are very  grateful for all the hard work and countless hours he has dedicated to the organisation, and we wish him all the best for the future.

“In his four years with the club, Mephisto has provided a lot of good strategic input. He has invested a lot of time in our teams and has brought new ideas to the sector. We wish him all the best for the future.” says Fabien “Neo” Devide, President of Team Vitality

“These 4 years were a humbling experience, with many lessons learnt along the way, some about coaching, many about the human side of this job. I am grateful for having worked with many different players, some at the dawn of their careers, others at later stages of theirs, forging long lasting friendships along the way. I want to thank the Team Vitality fans, who were always very supportive, especially when the team was going through rough patches in the earlier years of my tenure. Four years is quite an eternity in our line of work, and it’s time for me to move to my next esport adventure.” explains Louis-Victor “Mephisto” Legendre