• Team Vitality is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) with the acquisition of Indonesian team Bigetron Era. 
  • Considered to be the best women’s team, Bigetron Era have established themselves as the undisputed champions of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, with an unbeaten record that defies all competition.
  • With qualification secured for the Esports World Cup 2024, Team Vitality MLBB will defend their position as favourites and attempt to add valuable points to the competition’s Club Championship.
  • As a recently announced Partner Team of the Esports World Cup, Team Vitality is underlining their ambition to succeed in the Club Championship by targeting the trophy in the only women’s tournament of the EWC.

Leading esports club Team Vitality welcomes a brand new team roster to the hive as they expand into legendary competitive title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The club is acquiring the leading women’s team on the scene, Bigetron Era. This is the tenth game that the French organisation will welcome into its structure as part of its global expansion. It’s another step forward for the club as it strengthens its position in the development of women’s esports and the mobile esports market. 



Team Vitality is proud to announce the acquisition of the Bigetron Era women’s team, the undisputed leaders on the MLBB esports scene. Made up of talented Indonesian players, this new roster impresses with its cohesion, expertise and passion for the game. They are formidable opponents on MLBB’s battlefield.

Composition of the roster

  • Vivi “Vivian” Indrawaty – 25 years old – Roamer

Vivian is a roamer with both micro and macro skills and extensive in-game knowledge. She is often referred to as the “Mother of Indonesian Tanks”. Her journey to becoming an athlete began with habits formed during her college years, where after attending classes, she would immediately return home to play through streaming broadcasts. During her time as a professional Mobile Legends player since 2019, BTR Vivian has achieved numerous accomplishments, both at the national and international levels. Vivian’s prowess as a roamer has been the key to her team’s success in securing championship titles.

  • Venny “Fumi” Lim – 23 years old – EXP Laner

Venny began her career in 2021 as a professional MLBB player with the role EXP laner. Despite her cute appearance, Fumi showcases outstanding skills, solidifying her position as one of Indonesia’s top female EXP laners.

  • Viorelle “Vival” Chen – 20 years old – Jungler

Vival is the youngest professional player on the team. She is known for her exceptional mechanical skills and fills the role of jungler for the team in MLBB competitions. Vival, who hails from Jakarta, is recognized for her talent despite her young age. Before becoming a professional Mobile Legends player, she was active as a DOTA 2 player. She even played DOTA for 4 years.

  • Cindy “Cinny” Siswanto – 20 years – Mid Laner 

Cinny, is Chel’s younger sister. Born in Surabaya in 2004, just two years apart from her sister, Cinny also proves her skill as a midlaner for the most successful women’s team. Both of them together strengthen the team. Playing mage heroes with high accuracy, precise positioning, and impeccable skill timing make her truly fearsome.

  • Michelle “Chel” Siswanto – 22 years old – Gold Laner

Chel began her esports career through Mobile Legends in 2020 where she played as a Jungler at that time. Chel is also on the same team as her younger sister, Cinny, who is a mid laner. Chel’s exceptional gameplay, precise positioning, and fast farming make her a formidable gold laner in the women’s MLBB scene in Indonesia.

  • Ilham “Susugajah” Hadi – 28 years old – Coach

Coach Susugajah, is a former professional player in various MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, Wild Rift, and Arena of Valor. He began his career at Bigetron Esports by serving as the coach for Bigetron ERA, leading the team to victory in ladies’ tournaments such as MWI 2023, WSL Season 7, and Unipin Ladies Season 3. His achievements as a coach are undeniable. Coach Susugajah also briefly held the position of coach for Bigetron Beta in MDL ID Season 8.

  • Dewa “Dewa” Fabian – 23 years old – Analyst

Born in 2001, Dewa started his esports career in 2021, formerly a professional player in Wild Rift, he secured victories in several championships. After deciding to retire as a Wild Rift pro player, Dewa shifted his focus to actively playing Mobile Legends while engaging in live streaming. As an analyst, Dewa Fabian contributes to the team’s strategy development, performance analysis, and overall gameplay improvement.

Team Vitality has surrounded itself with the most powerful team in the industry to dominate the mobile esport scene. The roster has won several major championships, including the most recent WSL Season 8 which earned them a ticket to the Esports World Cup hosted in Riyadh in July this year. Over the last three years, the team won more than 20 trophies, with back-to-back Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women’s Championship titles, as well as the gold medal for their home country of Indonesia during the official SEA Games 2023. 

In an exciting and monumental move, MLBB Publisher Moonton has invited the new Team Vitality MLBB roster to participate in their Franchise League. As part of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) the all-female roster will compete in the upcoming MDL Season 10 against the top Indonesian teams. As the first women’s team to join the MPL ecosystem, this development remains close to the French esports clubs heart, elevating the position of their second women’s roster and marking a step forward in women’s esports.

“We are thrilled to announce the integration of Bigetron Era into Team Vitality, marking a significant strategic move for us. It’s an immense honour to welcome one of the world’s premier teams, regardless of gender, into our family. This partnership primes us for success at the Esports World Cup, and also presents a golden opportunity to make waves in key markets like Indonesia and mobile gaming. Team Vitality is committed to promoting women’s esports, and we’re honoured to support and collaborate with such a talented team.says Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, co-founder and Chairman of Team Vitality.


The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) women’s competition takes place during the last week of July at the Esports World Cup 2024. This is the only women’s scene to be represented at this major event. With their qualification for the event secured and their status as one of the favourites for the competition, the new Team Vitality players will have an outstanding opportunity to shine on the international stage.

The acquisition of this new team is also a major asset in terms of the EWC Club Championship in which Team Vitality will be competing for a total of $20,000,000 prize pool. This programme offers participating clubs the opportunity to collect points based on their performances across several different games during the competition. The overall winner will be crowned the inaugural Esports World Cup Champion at the end of August in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 


The addition of this new roster to the Team Vitality family marks another significant step in the club’s global expansion strategy. By joining MLBB’s competitive scene with Bigetron Era, the organisation is strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, where esports enjoys unprecedented popularity. 

The game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has crossed 1 billion downloads with peak monthly players of 100 million and more. In terms of esports, the MPL ranks amongst the most watched esports events ever, recording an impressive 5,067,107 peak viewership during their most recent M5 World Championship. MLBB therefore offers a great opportunity for Team Vitality to engage further and extend its reputation in mobile gaming, following its presence in Call of Duty Mobile with Vitality India.

It is also Team Vitality’s second women’s team. Like the Rising Bees, the League of Legends women’s roster, Team Vitality is continuing to develop women’s esports by integrating talented players such as this new roster.  Team Vitality hopes to develop and empower young women everywhere to take an interest or a career in gaming and esports.