For now, Team Vitality will no longer compete in Rainbow Six: Siege, and winning the 2021 French League Championship was our last victory in that game.

We came into 2022 with a new strategy aimed squarely at building and developing the best teams in Europe, in the best ecosystems in the world. To support this, we believe winning in the long run at the very top level requires a permanent focus and high intensity in our investments. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will be concentrating on a selection of top-level esports that offer the best conditions to execute our strategy. 

We will always be grateful for, and incredibly proud of the legacy our teams have created over the years. We were one of the first organizations to commit to Rainbow Six, and our teams went on to win many French titles, and a Pro League World Championship. We will keep following the development of Rainbow Six : Siege , and in the meantime we’ll work with our amazing players to find new homes with organizations who will forge what we hope will be a bright future for them and the esports.