French leading esports organisation Team Vitality is excited to present MISSION: VCT 23, a content series which will showcase its VALORANT team as they navigate their way through the 2023 VCT season. 

I wanted to get in touch with all the details in case you might be interested in running a piece on the announcement. We also have interviews available with the VALORANT team and Director of Creation, Team Vitality, Christophe Dureau who will be able to provide further details on Team Vitality’s unique creative direction. 

The video features Team Vitality’s players Jokūbas ‘ceNder’ Labutis, Santeri ‘BONECOLD’ Sassi, Michał ‘MOLSI’ Łącki, Tomas ‘Destrian Linikas and Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener as space explorers in search of the VCT planet which has just appeared in the esports galaxy.

Inspired by the visual and artistic universes of Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy, the series will see the space explorers travel through the obstacles and resources offered by the VCT planet according to their performance throughout the season. 

The series was made in Hamburg, Germany, under the direction of the production company “More Than Visuals”, who has produced industry-leading content for the likes of Riot Games, and Prime League. 

This video is the first of a series of four that will follow the team’s adventure throughout the year with a funny and immersive spin on traditional esports content. Alongside this series, Team Vitality will produce a series of smaller content including videos, social media posts, and gamepacks all focused on the teams experiences throughout 2023.

Team Vitality have high ambitions for 2023 with the roster set to compete in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN kicking off on February 13th in São Paulo, Brazil. 

To celebrate VCT23, V.Hive, the fan experience app by Team Vitality, has launched a new quest for fans to participate in to show their support for the team. Participating fans will be in with a chance to win a new wearable for their V.Hive Avatar – a cosmonaut helmet inspired by the VCT23 roster. V.Hive is a fan experience app created by Team Vitality and Tezos using web3 and the Tezos’ open-source blockchain to unite the team’s global community through support-to-earn initiatives.