• Team Vitality and JBL Quantum will co-host ‘The Way Up,’ an epic showcase of top amateur Rocket League players, ages 14 to 20, in intense 1v1 battles.
  • The Way Up offers amateur players a shot at the big leagues and will be broadcast live from France and worldwide, featuring Rocket League casting legends JohnnyBoi_i and FuuRy_Off.
  • The winner gets an exclusive experience to live, a cash prize provided by Team Vitality and a bundle of JBL Quantum products.
  • Totally free of charge, you can register for the tournament right now by clicking on this link or by visiting the dedicated discord server (provided you meet the entry requirements*).

 Leading esports organisation Team Vitality and its official sound partner JBL Quantum join forces to introduce ‘The Way Up,’ an exciting amateur tournament to help young Rocket League talent from EU and EMEA forge their paths towards professional esports. Designed for teens aged 14 to 20, this event offers a glimpse into the competitive world, starting with qualifiers on May 22nd and 23rd. In addition to a cash prize, the champion will have the chance to showcase their skills to Rocket League’s elite.


Registration for the initial phase of The Way Up is available through the start.gg website from May 14th to May 21th. This tournament welcomes aspiring pros aged 14 to 20 and promises to be an electrifying event across 3 stages, all in a thrilling 1v1 format. For specific information on the formats, visit the start.gg website.

The Way Up consists of three qualifying tournaments, providing hundreds of young talent with a chance to showcase their skills and test their mettle in a high-stakes, competitive environment. The top six players, two finalists from each tournament, will progress to the exhilarating Grand Final. Set in LAN format, the Grand Final will take place on September 7th at V.Hive, Team Vitality’s Headquarters, in the buzzing heart of Paris.

Open to the public, the Grand Final offers fans a unique chance to engage in the event. Fully immersed in its atmosphere, they can participate in the competition, ensuring an equally thrilling experience for both players and spectators alike.


The six winners of the qualifying tournaments will have the chance to live a unique experience. Immersed in an esports club, they will have the chance to compete in real live tournament conditions and show off their talents in front of the greatest professionals in the Rocket League scene.

Starting with the casters of the Grand Finale! Team Vitality and JBL Quantum are pleased to have the famous British caster JohnnyBoi_i, who is known for shining a spotlight on the game’s greatest legends – including zen – through the organisation of amateur 1v1 tournaments on his channel. FuuRy_Off, the emblematic caster of the French Rocket League scene and ambassador of Team Vitality in the same game, will accompany him. The final will be broadcast live and on the Twitch channels of these two casters in French and English.

Finally, Team Vitality will offer its winners a total cash prize of 3,000 euros, distributed between the best players in the different phases. The winners will also be receiving gaming gear from JBL Quantum rewards. In addition to this, the grand winner will have the chance to experience an immersive professional player experience, gaining exclusive access to Team Vitality’s facilities at the Stade de France and V.Hive, where they can interact with the club’s Rocket League coaching staff. Finally, they will walk away with the hummel Pro Kit in the club’s iconic colours.


JBL, a global leader in audio, joins forces with partner Team Vitality to elevate the amateur Rocket League scene and inspire careers in esports. Together, the two organisations are determined to support and promote emerging talents in this field.

Partners since 2022, the two brands work together on European-wide activations, regularly creating engaging marketing content. In addition to JBL Quantum featuring on the team’s official jersey and equipping the roster with JBL Quantum headsets, they are committed to crafting engaging and tailor-made activations for the French organisation’s loyal esports fans.

“At Team Vitality, we believe in the importance of supporting the next generation of players. The Way Up is our way of giving young talent a chance to shine, to be noticed, and to reveal their potential, like zen, one of our Rocket League players and international champion at just 17 years old!” commented Nicolas Maurer, Co-Founder and CEO of Team Vitality.

Robert van Dormael, VP Marketing at JBL: “We are continually looking for ways to bring young gaming talent together with the best names in esports. This Rocket League tournament that we co-host with Team Vitality is another great example. We are proud JBL Quantum headsets help them play their best game. From detecting crossfires to the slightest enemy movements, we developed the JBL Quantum range to have the most accurate soundscape ever, leaving players to truly feel like they’re inside the game.”


Dare to go all… The Way Up


*Pros and semi-pros are not allowed to participate.

Participants must be between 14 and 20 years of age

Participants must be located in the EMEA regions (list of countries available in Terms and conditions)