• Team Vitality makes waves with the launch of its latest collection in partnership with the French pioneering fashion label Bombers Original.
  • The collaboration features two iconic bomber jackets, stylised after the two contrasting yet complimentary worlds of Tokyo and Las Vegas.
  • Team Vitality ambassador, Twitch Streamer Shynouh heads up as the face of the campaign 
  • The limited capsule collection launches today on the shop.vitality.gg, as well as at the Bombers Original store and Bombers Original corners of the Citadium in Paris.

Today, leading global esports organisation Team Vitality has announced its latest collaboration with the pioneering French fashion brand Bombers Original. Drawing upon the cyberpunk and retro wave aesthetics moulded by the two global megacities Tokyo and Las Vegas, the unique bombers allow Team Vitality to continue establishing itself as an esports-lifestyle leader while simultaneously strengthening the relationship between esports and fashion.

To promote the Bombers Original capsule collection, Team Vitality’s campaign will feature its own ambassador, Twitch streamer Shynouh, as the face of the collection. Shynouh is known for her community spirit, outgoing personality and can be found posting her personal fashion must-haves and outfit of the day videos on TikTok making her the perfect fit for the Bombers.

Featuring custom typography and a Japanese -graphic style, Koi Fish printed on the back, the Tokyo bomber jacket takes inspiration from Tokyo’s neon-arcade aesthetic. 

For those looking for a more soft-grunge look, the Las Vegas bomber manifests its style from the nostalgic ’70, ‘80 and ’90s. Featuring lucky dice on the left-hand sleeve and a Team Vitality fast lane biker patch on the back, the bomber effortlessly captures the retro-wave style of Las Vegas.

BOMBER TOKYO: a nod to the city well-known for its arcades, gaming influences and neo-futuristic style.

Available on Team Vitality shop at 219,99€

BOMBER TOKYO: a nod to the city well-known for its arcades, gaming influences and neo-futuristic style

Available on the shop at 159,99€

Both jackets have been designed with versatility in mind so they may fit effortlessly and appear timeless in a rapidly changing fashion ecosystem. The Tokyo Bomber takes a minimalist approach to display Team Vitality’s emblem, where the esports team’s coat of arms is expressed in various, small Japanese-style graphics. To contrast, the Las Vegas Bomber embodies America’s eternal spirit of ‘go big or go home’ through the various stylised versions of the Team Vitality crest.

Team Vitality’s new collaboration has been designed with its fans in mind, created to accompany them on their quest for adventure and day-to-day life. The Bombers Original collab allows Team Vitality to reset the status quo on how the typical gamer dresses, driving the esports fashion movement to new heights. 

Positioning itself as a producer of industry-leading fashion, Team Vitality pushes for innovation where esports and fashion collide to creating the spectacular, such as its exciting 2022 Fall collection, ‘Bee the Drip’ which reimagined the tech and utility genre. Team Vitality has continuously proven its commitment to creating apparel that fits the changing needs of its fans over the years. 

This release once again symbolises Team Vitality’s ability to create unique fashion and lifestyle pieces in the world of esports. After the success of our Naruto collection last December for manga fans, we aimed for a wider audience this time around. With our presence in Citadium Corner and these more premium models, we will be able to reach gaming fans in the broadest sense,” explains Amélie Canet – Director of Diversification and Merchandising at Team Vitality.