League of Legends

Adding Kikis to our EU LCS roster

League of Legends

Adding Kikis to our EU LCS roster

We have the pleasure to announce the arrival of Mateusz "Kikis" Szkudlarek in our League of Legends Championship Series roster. We're bringing him in as a jungler in-house sub.

Kikis has been making several appearances in the international League of Legends scene since 2011, while being able to show his strength in both the toplaner and jungler roles.

He has already started to work in the Gaming House with the team and we're looking forward to see the results of this new addition on the Rift.

Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi - Head Coach statement:

"As the league scene develops we must develop with it and get ahead of the curve. We have always been on a lookout for additions to the team, inside the roster or outside for the sake of the project. I have taken a lot of inspiration from visiting gaming houses in South Korea.

The idea behind bringing in a jungle in-house sub is to make everyone better. Jungle is the most delicate and fragile role and a single mistake can hurt the balance of the entire game. It requires maximum focus at all times. It can be straining and adding another perspective will be healthy for the overall development of the team.

Kikis as a player is someone I have had a sight on for a long time, he has a lot of experience with different rosters and players, he has a history of being innovative which in my mind is at the core of being a great jungler. His laning experience is something that connect him even closer to the laners.

Gilius will continue on the roster just as before, in an ideal world I would have suitable subs for every position. Gilius has brought leadership to the table, a motivation and confidence that has spread to the rest of the players, and he will continue to do so. He was involved in every step of the decision. I view the competition for a role as something healthy and the relationship we will foster is a cooperative one, where they improve upon each other for the sake of their individual improvement, the team and our supporters. We have worked very hard to create a mentality within our team that revolves around

Kikis has been in the house for a couple of days and is fitting in with the rest of the squad great. My outside impression of him fits hand in hand with the impression that I have gotten so far in person. I am very excited about our new substitute´s growth

I would like to thank Vitality for supporting my decisions regarding the League of Legends project and I would like to extend gratitude to our sponsors for making everything possible and finally and most importantly our supporters."

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