Pro talks: Liaahm and the H1Z1 update


Pro talks: Liaahm and the H1Z1 update

In the world of modern video games, few games remain in the same state for a long time. Updates are an entire part of our virtual adventures.

H1Z1: King of the Kill does not break the rule and thus a new patch got released earlier this week, which brought along many changes, most noticebly some that were frequently requested by a big portion of the playerbase.

In order to dive even deeper into this patch's many changes, we have brought in our professional player Liaahm so that he can give us his detailed opinion on the main changes in this update..

Weapons Tuning

What are your thoughts about the new shooting system, that follows the recoil pattern much closer when aiming but remains random while hip firing?

The new recoil system is inspired by the model used in CS:GO, one of the most popular FPS games in the esports scene, which seems very interesting. Regarding the hipfire, a "bloom" system (random dispersion of the bullets) is indeed used. It limits the efficiency of the players who tend to rush you without any real tactics. It's in a perfect state right now in my opinion.

The bullet drop was emphasized on almost all weapons. Is this a step in the right direction? Should it be accentuated even more or is it too high now?

The decision to withdraw it seemed to be in the same perspective of getting closer to a Counter Strike state where the the reaction time of the player is the most important aka the first one shooting at the head wins. This radical change has not been to the taste of the competitive community because the removal of the bulletdrop is simply not adapted to the context of Battle Royal in team, specific to H1Z1. Being strafed by three teams at over 200 meters is not competitive, it makes the games too random. Therefore, it is a good decision to have it back, I do not think it should be emphasized, the compromise is more or less found, now only the experienced players will know perfectly the distance and where to aim according to the distance, which adds to the skillgap.

What do you think of the changes on the Hellfire (increased damage, reduced rate of fire and lowered ammo capacity)?

I'm not a fan of Hellfire, shotgun was preferred by the majority of players so far, I don't think a boost was needed. That said, given the new damage of the weapon, it becomes a real alternative to the shotgun.

Can the reduction of the "weight" of the smoke grenade (from 100 to 50) play a decisive role, in particular in BR5?

The increase in the "weight" of the grenades was made recently in order to avoid grenades spamming, which made inventory management very difficult. Lately, the BR5 games were becoming very complicated with that necessary choice between ammunitions and grenades, especially at the end of the game. In my opinion, the reduction of the weight of the smoke grenade precisely is necessary and adequate.

Can the removal of the sway on the crossbow when aiming make weapon more viable in competition?

Gotaga showed us at Dreamhack Atlanta that the crossbow equipped with explosive arrows can wreak havoc with some decisive kills on the first game. Removing the sway gives a further reason to equip a player from the team with that weapon, using explosive arrows to dislodge strategic positions. It is therefore an interesting choice for the show, but also for the variety of how weapons are being used.

Gameplay Updates

Passengers in a vehicle will now be able to craft, except for the driver. Is this a good thing for the BR5 according to you or will it make the cars too indispensable and powerful by removing this major inconvenience that they presented?

This is a minor change that makes sense to me. It is normal for passengers in a vehicle to be able to craft their kevlars or bandages, their hands are free. This is a detail that allows the elimination of a waste of time uninteresting for the players and for the spectators. As long as healing is not possible for the passengers, they will not be able to flee when they bleed, so it does not disrupt the essence of the game, but it will allow everyone to prepare themselves better for combat.

The loot system has been changed to be more consistent and faster on average for a player to equip himself properly at the start of the game. Have you seen these changes already in play and what impact will it have on the games?

I haven't specially noticed it recently, but by playing PUBG or Fornite with Battle Royal systems, it is true that H1Z1 is exemplary at this level, more weapons and ammunitions scattered over the whole map allow for more balanced and faster fights at the start of the game.

It is now faster to crouch, but if spamming the action the character will be slower to do so. Does that make duels more skilled?

In my opinion, this change is bad in terms of skill. At the previous update, the nerf of it was enough. With this update, the anti-spam system comes in addition. I think that only one of the two was necessary, now it is no longer possible to use it in a particularly fluid and "skilled" way while moving, it is a pity, but it is not something prohibitive.

Using a second medical kit over an active kit now resets the timer instead of wasting the second medical kit. Could this new mechanics benefit the players who camp in the gas?

I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet, but I don't think this will be enough to bring back the camping in the gas. The gas system associated with the level of toxicity has been well studied following the claims of the players, it is now ideal for the gameplay.


Leaderboards are back in the "Fort Destiny": is that a good way to make the grind more attractive or is that a simple detail?

This is a plus, which rewards in a different way than the current leaderboard. It is attractive, it gratifies those who deserve it, it is a return that was claimed for more than a year and a half. Unfortunately, they only work in the solo mode for the moment, we can't wait to have them in BR2 and team of 5.

Many bugs have been fixed. Were you able to see better optimization at play in general that is really significant in impact?

The game has definitely been optimized over the last months, it is fluid which is very nice. I no longer play a buggy game, or almost. We really benefit from the content without big problems of servers, fps or random bugs as was the case before.

A final thought on the update?

It's a good update, for sure. I think that the developers are going in the right direction. However, we would like Daybreak to be more transparent about the progress and direction of the game, even though efforts have already been by them to communicate better. On that matter, the game is still lacking when compared to the PUBG developer team who are constantly communicating with their community or the promising rise of FortNite Battle Royal..

What would you like to see in the next update?

Ideally, I would like to see the return of the crouch system like it was before the update. I'm also looking forward to seeing the update that will bring the vision of the developers to life, which was unveiled in an article about "The Future of H1Z1" on their website. The article refers to 20-minute games where the action would be concentrated around massive drop delivered by airplanes providing improved weapons, which interests me tremendously as a concept. As a professional player, I am also looking forward to H1Z1 offering more professional tournaments to allow the best teams to compete in a cool environment. It is necessary to develop the community of the game!
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