Rainbow Six

Roster Changes on Rainbow 6

Rainbow Six

Roster Changes on Rainbow 6

A chapter of Vitality is closing today on Rainbow 6 for Team Vitality. Last year, with the transition from the competitive scene only to PC, our XBOX World Champion team decided to work hard to get to the top on this new platform.

Unfortunately, after several changes and a new failure to qualify in the Challenger League, the players and the organization made the joint decision to stop their collaboration. We therefore release our Black team composed of Alive, Anthrax, KRiSKO, Lyloun and Tactiss.

We wish them very good luck luck in their future projects and hope to see them again very quickly at the highest level. Special thanks go to Anthrax and KRiSKO who will forever be part of the Vitality story.

At the same time, the White team is also making some changes. The coach stooflex decided to leave the project to come back in a player role, while the player Elemzje joins Supremacy.

To replace these two elements, the player Hansen and the coach Kivvi join Vitality. It is a great pleasure for us to welcome them into the hive. We are confident that these two additions will give the team a new impetus to qualify for the European Pro League as soon as possible.

It should also be noted that Lyloun remains within Team Vitality to provide technical analysis to the White team with whom she will work very closely.

These changes, which took place shortly before the Summer Challenge finals for which our two teams are qualified, will not completely take effect until after this competition. You will be able to see the Black squad playing the tournament with a sub while the White team will operate with their new roster.

The Rainbow Six Vitality team for next season will be composed of:
- Enemy
- Hansen
- Panix
- Revan
- Risze
- Kivvi (coach)
- Lyloun (analyst)
  • Alive

  • AnthraX

  • Enemy

  • KRiSKO

  • Lyloun

  • Panix

  • Rainbow Six

  • rainbow six siege

  • rainbow six siege black

  • Revan

  • Risze

  • Tactiss

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