Team Vitality and Gaming Campus are partnering to train e-athletes


Team Vitality and Gaming Campus are partnering to train e-athletes

Team Vitality partners with Gaming Campus, the first campus dedicated to the gaming industry.

According to the rise of e-sport sector, the continued growth of the players community, and the competitions audiences, e-sport stimulates more and more vocations among young players. The e-sport athletes training is becoming a major educational challenge in order to structure the sector, supervise the training of the youth and facilitate the reconversion of professional athletes.

It is against this background that Vitality team is getting closer to Gaming Campus, to offer an ongoing training to aspiring and professional players on the team. This training must allow them to follow an educational and a sporting supervision to improve their e-sports performance but also to anticipate their professional reconversion.

This collaboration is structured around 4 points:
  1. - The Team Vitality promising players are trained during 1 year within the Gaming Academy.
  2. - Professional Team Vitality players take a continuous training in Gaming Academy, to improve their in-game performances and anticipate their reconversion.
  3. - Team Vitality participates to the Gaming Academy Selection Committee
  4. - Fabien Devide (President of the Vitality Team) is the sponsor of the Gaming Academy

A selection of Vitality players will take the “gaming academy” ’s specialized training program, an e-sport course unique in Europe, offered by the "Gaming Campus", which will open in October 2018, in Lyon. This e-sport course will combine an e-sport performance program and a Bachelor level education.

For instance, players will be trained in Media Training, video games monetization, public speaking, data analysis, business creation, business development, English and French applied to the sector of video games ...

Never before has a professional e-sport team invested in the educational support of its players and in a process of continuous training. Team Vitality is proud to be a forerunner in this field.

Neo et Thierry Debarnot
Thierry Debarnot (Gaming Campus President) and Fabien Devide (Team Vitality President)

"Gaming Academy is a necessary project for the esport ecosystem. I see a lot of young players coming onto the scene of major competitions with no baggage or training upstream, which is fundamental to help them to take a step forward and make the team move forward. Same with the more experienced and late-career players for whom reconversion is not always obvious. This will give them security for the future

"As a sports club, we have to be more forward-thinking and take care of our players. We do not have time to transmit of organize this skill, that’s why it was an obvious to get closer to Gaming Campus "says Fabien" Neo "Devide.

Gaming Academy website.

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