Team Vitality enters PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, the battle royal game developed and published by Bluehole. The recruitment of this new team is in line with our current strategy: to be represented by a world-leading squad in all major games.

As some of you may have already guessed, it is with great pleasure that we welcome our new players: mOnKeY, Oraxe, Shadow1k, Shiv and their manager Sealph into the Vitality hive.

After shining during IEM Oakland, the quartet was in the spotlight and many organizations wanted to see them evolve under their colors. There was no question for Vitality to let such French talents slip out of France.


Thanks to great professionalism from the staff of *aAa*, we were able to get in touch with the players in the right way. We quickly agreed to start a new adventure together and allow them to continue further their careers and grow their talent.

“We are very pleased to welcome to our organization such promising players who have shown the full extent of their talent. The performance at Oakland was a highlight of the French esport and we hope they will meet the same success under our colors. Vitality will provide what's necessary for this team to continue to win on the international stage. As an individual, I would like to thank Zidwait and Chapter for their understanding, kindness and all the work done with the team in recent months. We will be in the continuity of their work.”

Fabien « Neo » Devide

“Hello everyone, I'm Sahra "Sealph", manager of the new Vitality PUBG squad. What more can be possibly said except that our adventure continues and becomes more and more beautiful by joining this great organization. Managing this team is for me a great pride, and their performance is up to the expectations of everyone. We have established ourselves quickly on the international stage and the respect shown by players to each other, regardless of the nationalities and backgrounds of each, is a source of inspiration and motivation. Today, we evolve alongside teams as prestigious as those who compose the international scene, and have the opportunity to participate in the biggest competitions around the globe by representing a recognized French team, it could not have been better!

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Game of the Year 2017, is continuing to be one of the most played games in the world, and is only growing larger. The competitions will multiply, the efforts made by the developers of the game to make it ever more esport friendly. The organizers of tournaments today, online or in lan are invested and professional. By the beginning of 2018 the new seasons of online competitions Auzom and GlobalLootLeague, among others, will begin, and  I can not wait to see more!

Thank you all for your trust, thank you Against All Authority for our beginnings, thank you Vitality for choosing us for the next events. #VforVictory "

Sahra « Sealph » Ben

"Hello, I'm Yoan" Shadow1k ", captain of the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds team who now wear the colors of Vitality. With my three team-mates, Romain alias "Shiv", Benjamin alias "mOnKeY", and Matthieu alias "Oraxe", and our manager who has been following us from the beginning Sahra alias "Sealph" we have experienced many things these last six months, through our team. Competitions, streams and meetings, very intense moments. Our beginning as a professional French team on the international scene has been successful, under the banner of against All authority. It is with a lot of professionalism and heart that they let us continue our new adventure with Vitality

While staying true to our French origins, we chose to represent France, and with Vitality we will be able to achieve our dreams, and remain one of the best teams in the world. Our title at the Intel Extreme Master Champions, in November, is a pride, and we do not intend to stop there. In 2018, other international competitions have been announced, and we intend to defend our title. Once again, I would like to thank our community, and the French community in general, which is always very supportive, and a thank you to the Vitality staff members for giving us the chance to continue our career with the prestige that this team represents. We'll meet again in Mylta(lity) #PUBG #VforVictory "

Yoan « Shadow1k » Lingrand

You will be able to discover the players of the new Vitality PUBG team tonight at the Curse Trials from 8pm. We hope that you will support them massively and that we will be able to share many victories together on this new stage.


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