Stepping into the Arena of Valor

Stepping into the Arena of Valor

Vitality recruits Team 404, a very successful Arena of Valor team. Arena of Valor is one of the fastest growing mobile titles in recent times, and its undisputed success in 2017 can be seen in the sheer amount of players playing the game. Arena of Valor is also an upcoming esports title and aims to become one of the major competitive games in the mobile sector.

Here in Team Vitality, we believe in mobile esports. After laying the first bricks with Clash Royale, we enter the AoV stage by recruiting the French team Team 404. In addition to the strong performance that they have shown, Team 404 brings with them a large community that we will integrate with the Vitality family.

Team 404 joins Vitality

Our new Arena of Valor team is composed of Azure, Flow, Moon, Redemption and Suitaro, this team has been playing together for some time now and are currently representing France in a multinational tournament. This competition will come to a close this weekend during Dreamhack Winter and you will have the opportunity to follow the performance of our new recruits this Saturday.

For our supporters who have yet to hear about this dynamic MOBA, it will also be a great opportunity to discover it and try it for yourselves. Many guides and builds, created by the community and the Team 404 players are already available to help you start your adventure in this universe.

  • Arena of Valor

  • Azure

  • Flow

  • Moon

  • Redemption

  • Suitaro

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