Vitality Weekly #1


Vitality Weekly #1

This weekly column will surely remind something to the people who are supporting Vitality since the beginning of the team.

For those who will discover it today, the principle is simple: a dozen tweets retracing the highlights of the Vitality team in the past 7 days. Fun, highlights, news, all you need to know about the hive.

For this first week, we talk about FIFA 18 and the Vitality kit, the upcoming 2017 PGW and the Adventures of Neo & Broken!

Thursday, 21st September
#1 The Asian Hornet of Vitality is preparing a trip: "I go on pilgrimage to Atlanta my young fellas!"

Friday, 22nd September
#2 FuriouSG will be at the 2017 PGW to (maybe) cast a Vitality team in front of his parisian supporters: "I have the pleasure to announce that FuriouSG and I will be casting the 6CUP Finals at the 2017 PGW :)"

#3 Neymar seems to be waiting for the second episode of the Adventures of Neo & Broken: "Neo, you're definitely famous #TheAdventuresofNeoandBroken"

Saturday, 23rd September
#4 Vitality is in the game

#5 Do not miss the new Best of from the French Monster: "PUBG fun and H1Z1 skill with "My Time" by Broken, the new Best Of is online buddies"

Sunday, 24th September
#6 LoL Worlds have begun, so this is the best moment of the year to learn more on the game with our Head Coach YamatoCannon

#7 Neo or the art of teasing: "In recent months I have learned patience more than ever. The end of the year looks promising."

Monday, 25th September
#8 It looks like a new World Champion has joined the hive: "FIFA is really not about deserving! I'm being really bad but still... He's so amazing with the jersey on top of that!"

#9 Monday, the perfect day for philosophy and existential questions according to our AD carry

Tuesday, 26th September
#10 The 280 characters gate on Twitter

Wednesday, 27th September
#11 Broken, always here for his supporters, even when they're famous

For the return of the weekly column "Vitality Week", please let us know on Twitter what you want to see with the #VitalityWeek and we'll meet next Thursday for the 2nd episode!
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