Game of Frozen Thrones


Game of Frozen Thrones


A Throne Contest tournament to celebrate the new expansion

The new Hearthstone expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne has just been released on the live servers. However, there is no time to lose for the pro players as they will already have the opportunity to compete tomorrow during the Throne Contest tournament.

Indeed, in order to celebrate the new meta, the ArmaTeam decided to invite 16 players who will fight for the frozen throne. Among them, Kalàxz and Windello will have a chance to grab this title.

Throne Contest tournament

The competition will take place online this weekend in a single-elimination bracket tournament. Games will be played on a King of the Hill Bo5 format. Therefore, there will be no room for mistakes and the players should be able to deliver a great show and great ways to take advantage of the new cards.

The Throne Contest will also be a nice way to discover how the pro players will be adapting to all this new possibilities. With the bigger tournaments coming really soon, many people are going to give a shot at how they interpreted the changes and we should see a lot of difference things, making the series really interesting to follow.

Be sure to tune in at 14h00 (2 PM) #VforVictory
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