Vitality Weekly #2


Vitality Weekly #2

It's already Thursday so the time has come for a new episode of our weekly column! For those who will discover it today, the principle is simple: a dozen tweets retracing the highlights of the Vitality team in the past 7 days. Fun, highlights, news, all you need to know about the hive. For this second week, we talk about the Canal Esport Club, League of Legends highlights and Rainbow Six victory!
Thursday, 28th September #1 The Canal Esport Club is back for their second season
#2 The Ubisoft's offices in Montreal are quite beautiful now Friday, 29th September #3 Vitality players are ready for the new season #4 Last minute buy of the Rainbow 6 Vitality charm: "Couldn't resist anymore" Sunday, 1st October #5 10 years of esport: "Approximately 10 years ago in October 2007, we recruited FuriouSG on Rainbow Six Vegas. 10 years!!! We had so many victories in 10 years ^^" Monday, 2nd October #6 Broken with a French versus fighting legend: "NormanGenius is with Broken for his Versus chronicle on NBA2K" #7 Road to Pro League! #VforVictory #8 The Emperor of Shurima is back on the Rift Tuesday, 3rd October #9 No need to wait for Worlds to come back to see some beautiful plays Wednesday, 4th October #10 Brian with the packing streak: "You have to admit they are beautiful with the Vitality jersey" For the return of the weekly column "Vitality Week", please let us know on Twitter what you want to see with the #VitalityWeek and we'll meet next Thursday for the 3rd episode!
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