Vitality Weekly #3


Vitality Weekly #3

It's already Thursday so the time has come for a new episode of our weekly column!

For those who will discover it today, the principle is simple: a dozen tweets retracing the highlights of the Vitality team in the past 7 days. Fun, highlights, news, all you need to know about the hive.

For this third week, we have smiles, bromance and a qualification to the 2017 Paris Game Week!

Thursday 5th October
#1 A beautiful toy for Anthox: "It's so gorgeous!!! Thank you very much Burn Controllers, a pure pleasure!!"

Friday 6th October
#2 Furious smiles... "#WorldSmileDay"

Saturday 7th October
#3 ... and Windello smiles too! "I'm on 3-2, Yogg 3-2 and this man is our best hop, Windello has erupted his volcano and he's 4-1. Amazing."

#4 A legendary bromanche for a legendary duo: "The best moment of my saturday morning before going to bed!"

Sunday 8th October
#5 Vitality will compete once again in Paris during PGW

#6 ??? : "RocKy can make love to my girl whenever he wants, he's too good lmaooo"

#7 So far, so good: "First 40-0 of the season in the first FUT Champions weekend! You were 6000 viewers for the last game. Thanks everyone"

Monday 9th October
#8 Broken the bee

Wednesday 11th October
#9 3 more weeks to go..

#10 H1Z1 has its Pro League!

For the return of the weekly column "Vitality Week", please let us know on Twitter what you want to see with the #VitalityWeek and we'll meet next Thursday for the 3rd episode!
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