Welcome vago!


Welcome vago!

Following their first LAN event at the Dreamhack Atlanta, our H1Z1: King of the Kill team took the decision together to recruit a new player. Indeed, due to all the activites he's involved in, Gotaga wisely told the rest of the team he wasn't able anymore to endorse the role of a full-time player. Therefore, he's moving to the position of sub. It means he might still enter the battlefield with the team from time to time and he will still be able to compete in individual tournament like the H1Z1 Invitational coming this October.

The space left vacant by Gotaga will be filled by a new player joining the squad as we have the pleasure to welcome the Corsican player Valentin "vago" Gonçalves in the team. He's a well-known competitor on the H1Z1 pro scene. He started playing during the Z1 version of the game and accumulated around 3000 hours of game.

If you might need to wait a bit to see him officially compete with the team, you'll of course be able to witness how the squad accomodate with this new addition during the severals streamed scrims they will play together in the upcoming days and weeks.

We're hoping you will give this new player a warm welcome. He also had some words to share with you : "I'm really happy to be part of the Vitality H1Z1 roster, I can't wait to play with this team who has a lot of ambition. I know that Vitality is supported by a lot of people and I will do everything possible to make them proud alongside my 5 new teammates."
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