Welcome to V.Hive, our new fan engagement platform, powered by Tezos
What about being rewarded for being the best fan ever?
What about having the opportunity to get unique benefits just by living your passion?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of V.Hive, our new fan engagement platform, with the goal of enhancing your experience to an unprecedented level.

What is V.Hive?
A support-to-earn system with a free and accessible platform, opening new fan experience opportunities.
Based on blockchain technology and powered by our main partner Tezos, V.Hive will allow you to get rewarded for your loyalty and for your support.
We have the best fans in the world, we want you to live the best experience in the world.

Why are we launching V.Hive?

  • We are an esports club, but entertainment has always been central to us. We must be a pioneer in the new ways of entertaining, including those made possible by new technologies.
  • We want to thank you, we exist because of you. An esports club must keep creating value for its fans and we believe you’ll love using V.Hive and being part of this beautiful experience
  • We want to make the world a smaller place. By bringing you closer to each other. We’re used to this thanks to online games, social networks and live events, let’s go to the next level now.

When will the experience be available?
We are only at the beginning. V.Hive will soon be a gamified experience based on quests, working exactly like a RPG, but YOU are the hero!
Get ready to become part of the experience!

The information on the roadmap is available here