• After a successful first year together, JBL Quantum has decided to extend its partnership with French esport club Team Vitality for another year, upgrading from “Official Supplier” to “Official Partner”.
  • The partnership between the two brands moves up a gear: from a French level to a European level, it will also take advantage of the 10th-year anniversary milestone of the French esport club to shine among the fans.
  • By associating with Team Vitality, JBL Quantum wants to become the reference in terms of audio headset in the esports world.

Team Vitality, the leading esports club in France and Europe, is proud to announce the renewal of its partnership with JBL Quantum for 2023. The leading audio brand will benefit from extended rights as an “Official Partner”.

JBL Quantum steps up a notch for 2023

Team Vitality and JBL Quantum are increasing their ambitions for 2023 by strengthening their partnership, starting with the visibility on the official jersey of the first French esport club. Indeed, the JBL Quantum logo will find its place on the left sleeve of the players competing in the biggest European leagues. 

In addition, the three different Team Vitality locations: V.Hive, the Berlin performance center and the Stade de France, will continue to be equipped with JBL Quantum headset. The brand will also benefit from increased visibility on Team Vitality’s various communication networks.

Finally, the extension of the partnership to the European level also promises new surprises for the Team Vitality community. But above all, with the creation of attractive, engaging and tailor-made marketing content, specific to the codes of esports and fans’ expectations. For example, JBL Quantum will benefit from Team Vitality’s major events presence in its activations, in particular the Blast Paris Major 2023 and Team Vitality’s 10th anniversary.

Guaranteeing the best esports performance for Team Vitality

Both brands want to guarantee the best for the players to lead them to the highest level of performance. With this partnership, JBL Quantum aims at helping Team Vitality team players to achieve their best esports performance with high quality products. The brand considers that Team Vitality is the best european partner to expand its esports presence, with the goal of activating Team Vitality in link with other local assets.

We are very happy that JBL Quantum will continue the Team Vitality adventure as the Official Audio Partner for the next year. This proves that we have been able to co-construct a coherent partnership, with tailor-made activations for our players and our fan community. We will do our best to make this partnership shine during next year’s international sports competitions” says Nicolas Maurer – CEO and co-founder of Team Vitality.

Team Vitality are a force to be reckoned with in the European esports world so we’re very happy that we’re taking the next step in our successful collaboration, with JBL Quantum becoming official partner. We know how important sound is when it comes to staying on top and immersed in the game. We’re excited to not only continue giving the pro players a true competitive advantage through our JBL Quantum products, but also do the same for the fan community of Team Vitality in upcoming activations” says Simona Bara, Senior Product Marketing Manager Gaming.