Team Vitality and SCUF Gaming have partnered to create a cutting-edge controller for Team Vitality players and its fans alike 

Paris, September 30th, 2021: Leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is pleased to unveil Vitality x SCUF, the new gaming controller created in partnership with the leading high-performance gaming controllers and accessories manufacturer, SCUF Gaming. Vitality x SCUF controller is available starting from today in both Instinct and Instinct Pro designs, and  for the first time in Europe, Team Vitality fans will also be able to try out the brand new controller at the iconic V.Hive.
As a leader in producing state-of-the-art gaming controllers and accessories since 2011, SCUF and Team Vitality have created an exclusive product for both esports pros and gamers to experience the highest quality product on the market. The design is focused around the dominant colours of Team Vitality including yellow and black, with the organisation’s slogan “V for Victory” and the signature team icon, the bee, placed on the right hand side of the controller.

Features include Performance Grip to allow for a comfortable, non-slip grip for extended gaming sessions, Paddle Profiles allowing users to save three remapping configurations for different games, and Interchangeable Thumbsticks for the perfect fit, creating an unmatched gaming experience for all users. From today, Team Vitality ambassadors alongside players across FIFA, Fortnite and Rocket League, will use the Vitality x SCUF controllers competitively and for their Twitch streams. 

The controller is available to purchase online now on both Team Vitality and SCUF Gaming websites. The price of the Vitality x SCUF Instinct is €179.99, and the Instinct Pro is €219.99.