• Team Vitality launches its brand new “Veni, Vidi, Vitality” campaign to coincide with the many sporting events taking place in France throughout the summer.
  • Anticipated and requested by fans, the highlight of the collection is the release of the club’s third jersey, signed with equipment manufacturer Hummel. It’s a unique piece in the colors of the French flag, from the “Paris Collection 2024” collection, which celebrates the club’s international development.
  • The “Veni, Vidi, Vitality” campaign will also be accompanied by a variety of fan content. One of these is the Crossroads webseries, which features Team Vitality players alongside French athletes, linking the worlds of sport and esports.

Team Vitality, the world’s leading esport club, is proud to announce the launch of its latest jersey entitled Vitality Paris Jersey 2024. Revealed as part of Team Vitality’s “Veni, Vidi, Vitality” campaign, the jersey symbolizes the club’s leading position in France and its origins through the emblematic colors of the country’s flag. The new Paris Collection 2024 collection is also launched at the same time as the jersey.



A tribute to the club’s heritage, the Vitality Paris Jersey 2024 features the emblematic colors of the French flag. Designed with the club’s equipment supplier Hummel, this jersey is a real tribute. Both to the fans who have been asking for it for several years to support their club on the international stage. But it’s also a nod to the sporting competitions taking place in France throughout the summer. 

In esport terms, the jersey symbolizes the club’s roots and ongoing dedication to excellence. As Team Vitality continues its international expansion, the club is integrating new teams and top talent from around the world. Launched just prior to the Esports World Cup, the “Veni, Vidi, Vitality” campaign recalls the club’s origins as its players prepare to take on the world’s best athletes. With this new jersey, fans are encouraged to support their club and celebrate this significant stage of development on the international stage.


Presented to coincide with the release of the Vitality Paris Jersey 2024, the new Paris Collection 2024 celebrates the team’s history in style. The collection includes a hoodie, cuffs, t-shirt, cap, shorts and jacket. Inspired by the outfits of top-level athletes, the collection aims to capture the notions of training and style. 

To represent this exciting campaign, Team Vitality featured representatives from its international teams, including talented French CS2 player ZywOo, South Korean Tekken player Jeondding and Vivian, the talented Indonesian player from the new MLBB team.

“As we expand into new markets to strengthen our international presence, I’m delighted to present this new tricolore collection with sport / esport references. Our primary ambition was to enable fans to wear the colors of both their favorite team and their country this summer. I also hope that fans will appreciate the new faces of the club in this beautiful campaign.explains Amélie Canet, Fan activities Director at Team Vitality.

As of today, the jersey is available for €79.99: 

  • Via the V.Hive app, thanks to the in-app purchase feature. 
  • In store or on the online shop, where fans can purchase both the jersey and the new “Paris Collection 2024”,  which will be available from Thursday 6 June.

The luckiest fans will be able to treat themselves to a limited-edition box priced at €99.99: 

  • Only 300 units, made up of exclusive Team Vitality products (the jersey, a scarf, bracelets and stickers).  
  • Available exclusively on the V.Hive app.


To celebrate the start of the major international competitions this summer, Team Vitality is excited to present its new web series, Crossroads. Comprising of 6 episodes, the web series features Team Vitality representatives (players, ambassadors, staff…) and athletes from the world of sport, which will be available on the club’s Youtube channel throughout the summer. The very first episode will feature Team Vitality’s  League of Legends players Viki and Vetheo with taekwondoist Cyrian Ravet. The series explores their daily lives, shows the similarities between sport and esport, and gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at performance. 

For this project, Team Vitality was lucky enough to collaborate with French athletes Cyrian Ravet (Taekwondo), Amandine Buchard (Judo), Alexandre Léauté (Handisport Cycling) and Titouan Castryck (Kayak), and promises to be a great way to support traditional sports and esports all summer long!