For several months now, our logo has been proudly displayed on the windows of 102 Sebastopol Boulevard. The latter gave way to V.Hive on the 14th of November last year: a 1000 m2 space designed by HKS and entirely dedicated to esport and our love of video games. The advent of V.Hive is a major step in our evolution, and we are proud to be able to welcome all Vitality and esport fans in our den.

V.Hive is above all the V.Shop, a space dedicated to our merchandising where you can find exclusive items. It is also V.Play, a gaming area with 24 high-end PCs for your training, competitions with friends or even qualifications in a professional setting. For the most assiduous, the V.Bootcamp can offer a replica of our players’ conditions for 5 participants.

At last, the V.Cafe that allows you to hydrate and enjoy a healthy snack between games, or simply work while watching our teams’ best games on a giant screen.

We have thought of a hybrid space to not only welcome you on a daily basis, but also to offer you privileged experiences: viewing party, meet and greet, masterclass and much more! Don’t miss any information about what the hive has in store for you by following @vitality_hive on twitter and @VitalityHive on Facebook.

V For Victory