Kacper Dagiel AKA


PL - 18 years old


Kacper “Daglas” Dagiel is a Polish jungler who joined Team Vitality in December 2022. Spotted after impressive performances in the Greek league and then at the EMEA Masters, Daglas joined Team Vitality’s academic team, Vitality.bee, in the LFL. After proving his worth within the roster, the rising young star joined Team Vitality’s European League of Legends team in 2023 at just 18 years of age.

On the server, Daglas is renowned for his aggressive, brilliant style of play, particularly with champions like Viego. His approach to the game is both bold and strategic, making him a captivating player to watch. Despite his youth, Daglas shows great maturity. He approaches victories and setbacks with a state of mind that is rare and precious in the esport world.

Beyond his skills in the game, Daglas is a complete team player. His playful nature and relaxed attitude make him a valuable presence both in and out of the game. The young Pole shares a passion for football and table tennis. These hobbies allow him to enjoy a balanced lifestyle, between the intense concentration required in the game and the physical exercise needed to relax.

With his youthful enthusiasm, Daglas brings a new dynamic and fresh energy to the roster. He represents the future of esports: vibrant, competent and constantly evolving!