Linas Naunčikas AKA


LITHUANIA - 20 years old


Linas “Lyncas” Naunčikas steps into the spotlight as the new jungler for LEC, bringing with him a solid track record from 1.5 years in the LFL, where he consistently secured top 3 placements and clinched the 2024 spring championship title. Additionally, he has proven his mettle on the European stage with four consecutive EMEA Masters appearances, consistently reaching the knockout stages and achieving a top 4 finish in Summer 2023, often falling just short to the championship-winning team. His move to the LEC marks a promising new chapter in his burgeoning career.

Adding to his list of accolades, Lyncas achieved the rank of number 1 player on the EUW ladder this season, showcasing his exceptional skill and strategic acumen in the game. His competitive spirit and dedication to mastering his role have clearly set him apart as a top contender in the European circuit.

While not on the Rift, Lyncas supports Borussia Dortmund, following their matches with interest and aligning his passion for football with his competitive drive in esports.