Lotan Giladi AKA


IL - 23 years old


Spinx is a 23-year-old Israeli rifler who joins Team Vitality in 2022. He is known for his explosive role on the server and his terrifying stats. After making his way to the top of the FaceIt rankings in 2020, he’s turning professional. On the server, he knows how to get a deadly grip on his opponents and not give them the slightest chance of getting back into the game. In 2023, he ranked in the top 5 of Counter-Strike players with a rating of 1.17. With Team Vitality, he became the first Israeli player to win a Major on CS. Within the team, Lotan can always be counted on to tease and make his team-mates laugh. In his spare time, he loves to play table tennis and is also a fervent fan of science fiction films.