Alexis Bernier AKA


FR - 17 years old


zen was already considered the best player in the world even before his official arrival in the official Rocket League competition. With his mind-blowing creativity and unprecedented mechanical accuracy, he first made a name for himself by taking part in 1V1 showmatch on caster JohnnyBoi_i’s channel. Undefeated and insolently talented, he quickly became a phenomenon by reinventing the very way the game was played.

At just 16, the young prodigy took his first steps as a pro with Team Vitality. He officially joined the roster in the third split of RLCS 2023. Alongside Alpha54 and Radosin, he lived up to all expectations by making a sensational debut. 

Since joining the team, zen has gone undefeated in knockout matches during the 2023 season. This is the first time in the history of the game that a team has achieved the perfect split, i.e. winning 3 Regionals and the Major. The team reached the pinnacle of the competition by winning the prestigious Rocket League 2023 World Championships in Düsseldorf. And as if that wasn’t enough, zen was awarded the title of MVP of the tournament at the same event.