Become an esports player with Team Vitality, between lifestyle and performance

Esports is developing beyond the boundaries of video games and is becoming a fast-growing lifestyle sector that welcomes you in.

As the French leader, we strive to provide our audience with products at the cutting edge of performance, quality, and style.

In our pursuit of excellence, we create collections in collaboration with world leaders in their respective fields, such as adidas, Eastpak, Quovadis and Schott.

Because video games remain our core focus, we also offer the best in equipment by licensing products in collaboration with Rhinoshield and Quersus. Each collection is created using all of our tools.

From our graphic charter to the use of our social networks and the amplification of messages by our athletes and ambassadors, we do everything possible to make our collaborations a success.

Interested in a licensing partnership? Let's talk about it!


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