The CS Home for French Fans

Vitality Hub

The Vitality Hub is a space dedicated to try hard on CS:GO. It represents a new place for players sharing interest and common goals around competitive gaming. The Hub focuses on the French community and presents several advantages

Why should you join the Hub?

  • Earn rewards

    Your in-game skills give you opportunities to consistently win prizes on Counter Strike, merch and an exclusive VIP reward

  • Get better

    The Hub and its balanced matches are a promise to meet committed players, giving their all during every single game.

  • A path to the professional circuit

    For the best players, we offer slots for the FPL Qualifier. This is the most efficient way to develop your CS career.

Vitality Clan

The Vitality Clan is a special place for fans to gather, socialise and play Counter Strike together. You can join it for free, although the subscription does give you some advantages.

Why should you join the clan?

  • A common vision

    Play with like-minded players to achieve your objectives and become better

  • A safe space

    The moderation system is a guarantee to avoid cheaters and smurfs during your games

  • Earn rewards

    Within the clan, you are able to win FACEIT points, skins and much more

  • It's free

    Although a subscription gives you access to certain perks, you can join the Clan as well as all Vitality fans and play for free

How to join us?

  • Register on FACEIT and link your Steam account
  • Install FACEIT and its included anti-cheat
  • Make sure you are subscribed to the Vitality Hub
  • Join the Hub


Why did we choose FACEIT?

FACEIT is the best way to play CS:GO and enjoy your competitive journey on the game

  • Performant servers: 128-tick rate servers to ensure the smoothest experience of gameplay
  • Firm anti-cheat system: Specific anti-cheat software included with FACEIT
  • Balanced matchmaking: Avoid one-sided match with the FACEIT elo system
  • Experienced moderators: Admins are here 24/7 to build a safe space
  • Strengthen the French CS community: you are part of the #1 French community on CS
  • A way to support Vitality: your subscription is a direct help for Vitality


Is a subscription mandatory to join the hub and clan?

Yes, you will need to be subscribed to join us for 4.99€/month. It will allow you to keep trolls at distance and support Team Vitality!

Can I join a tournament in the Hub without a subscription?

Yes, non subscribers have the opportunity to pay a ticket to join a tournament.

How can FACEIT represent an opportunity for my esports career on CS?

We obviously can’t promise you that you will join Team Vitality for the next Major but having the chance to join the FPL Qualifier is an important first step to get spotted. The Hub also represents a first bound to get closer to Team Vitality.

Do the games affect my FACEIT elo and count for my missions?

Yes, the Vitality Hub and Clan are part of FACEIT system. Hence, elo is enabled.

Do I need to run FACEIT anti-cheat to play?

Yes, this is very important. If you don’t cheat, it will be a relief for you to play games without cheaters. If you cheat, don’t cheat.

What is the server location for the games?

The Hub enables you to play on dedicated French servers. In the Clan, the server on which you will play depends on your location.