Team Vitality acknowledges the significance of mental health in esports and gaming.
We stand resolute in our commitment to fostering a culture of support for our valued employees, dedicated athletes, passionate fans, and any other person within the esports ecosystem facing issues such as depression, burnout, anxiety, and any other mental health ordeal.
Awareness, prevention, and action are the key components of our mission to make mental health an integral part of the esports & gaming ecosystem.
The KARE Series are videos featuring our players, coaches, managers and staff. In these powerful, personal testimonials, they reveal experiences that have had an impact on their own mental health or that of those around them.
How these events occur, how to live through them, how to overcome them, how to support loved ones going through them…
Our aim with this series of videos is to demonstrate a less visible facet of esports reality, that of humans who are going through complex periods in terms of mental health; just like their fans, just like the children who play video games, or even like their parents




Let’s work together for better mental health
KARE is committed to raising funds to support the Twisten Foundation: 100% of the profits from the KARE collection will be donated to them.
These funds will be used to finance:
  –  The #KAREme : discussion sessions of 30 minutes or more with health professionals for young people in mental distress
  –  Awareness-raising content, through the #KAREtalk project
  –  Future projects, such as #KAREwe, to provide joint support for young people in difficulty and their parents.


Foster dialogue and raise awareness

KARE aims to spread awareness on mental health issues and open up the discussion on this important matter.
We want to show the whole esports industry that even high-level athletes can experience poor mental health, and that it’s okay to talk about them openly.
The KARE series is a compilation of videos in which our players, coaches, staff, and managers talk openly about their own experiences dealing with poor mental health to destigmatize the conversation and to encourage those currently facing similar situations to seek appropriate help.
The first episode will be launched shortly.

Support the Twisten Foundation

KARE is a project launched by Team Vitality. As an esports organization, whilst we are not specialists in mental health topics and how to address them, we understand the significance of this topic and look to support incredible organizations like the Twisten Foundation to support our industry, fans, and beyond.
The name KARE pays tribute to Karel aka “Twisten“, a Team Vitality VALORANT player who sadly died by suicide after living with depression for several years. His death was a profound shock for the whole esports industry, as well as everyone at Team Vitality.
Karel’s family established the Twisten Foundation on the 4th of December, 2023, the birthday of Twisten.
The foundation wants to help teenagers who find themselves in similar situations as Karel Ašenbrener, suffering from poor mental health or mental ill health.
KARE will fully support the Twisten foundation by carrying its messages, supporting its charity actions, and helping finance its important work.
Through this collaboration, KARE also aims to convey a message of hope to anyone in distress: you are not alone. The Twisten Foundation, like hundreds of other organizations, resources and emergency numbers exist to provide help and assistance.

The Twisten Foundation

The Twisten Foundation pays tribute to Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener, who lived with depression for several years.
The Twisten Foundation aims at helping and supporting teenagers facing mental health issues, using modern forms of communication including special projects within the esports industry.

Engage the community in positive actions

KARE has the objective of encouraging its audience to drive meaningful and positive action for their own and others’ mental health.
We are convinced that players, coaches, managers, staff members, fans, and families can both be beneficiaries and initiators of actions to improve their mental health.
KARE will convey messages from professionals through educational content and aims to lead the charge in the change of the esports ecosystem. All of this to create a healthier environment for everyone involved.
We will work closely with organizations and foundations to raise money through owned or supported charity actions.