The Crédit Agricole Group is a major financial player in France and Europe, with more than 50 million customers. The Crédit Agricole bank operates at national and regional level with 39 Regional Banks throughout France.

With regard to its commitment to esport, Crédit Agricole has been involved in the esport scene since 2022, becoming a partner of Team Vitality.

Crédit Agricole accompanies and supports the club on the Rocket League, League of Legends (LFL) and EA Sports FC games.

Crédit Agricole is also committed to the growth of the women’s scene by supporting the Rising Bees team on League of Legends, and is involved in the amateur scene by offering young people the unique opportunity to take part in esport and gaming internships throughout France through Vschools.

At the same time, Crédit Agricole has launched its own Discord server called “Shortcut” to animate its community through regular events and one-off activations (online tournaments, esport news, giveaways, calls for projects, etc.), in line with esport highlights globally as well as those of Team Vitality.

Because we believe that true passions deserve true support, Crédit Agricole is committed to supporting Team Vitality and all esport enthusiasts.