The Crédit Agricole Group is the leading financier of the French economy and one of the top banks in Europe. The Group is the leading retail bank in Europe, the largest asset manager in Europe, the largest bancassurer in Europe and the third largest project financier in Europe.

With its cooperative and mutualist foundations, its 142,000 employees and more than 29,000 directors of the Local and Regional Banks, the Crédit Agricole Group is a responsible and useful bank, serving 52 million customers, 10.9 million members and 900,000 individual shareholders.

Thanks to its local universal banking model – the close association between its local banks and the related business lines – the Crédit Agricole group assists its customers with their projects in France and around the world: day-to-day banking, mortgages and consumer credit, savings, insurance, asset management, real estate, leasing, factoring, corporate and investment banking.

Crédit Agricole also stands out for its dynamic and innovative corporate social responsibility policy. It is based on a pragmatic approach that permeates the entire Group and puts every employee into action.