Team Vitality is the leading French esports club, thanks to some of the best international players and our participation in 10 games. Since our creation in August 2013 we have joined the LEC (formely known as the LCS) and won hundreds of competitions, including World championships (Rainbow 6, FIFA, Rocket League). Accompanied by prestigious partners, our club stands out with its competitive level, on and off the battlefield. Thanks to our attitude, our values and our victories, we have formed a community of millions of people across our fanbase and our ambassadors.


Fabien and Nicolas, have two complementary personalities and are united by their passion for esport and their shared values. Since Vitality’s creation, they have worked tirelessly to get the club off the ground, using their players and their close relationship to their supporters to their advantage. As both are driven by the continued quality of performance and progress, they used this as the founding concept of Vitality. Their search for excellence is translated by their unending efforts to participate in major competitions and to be amongst their major competitors as well as by their quality content, notably thanks to their audiovisual skills.

Team Vitality’s logo embodies our values and what we represent as an organization, a team and a brand. Starting with a bee in the shape of a V, there are multiple meanings behind it :

  • The bee, that represents the strength of team work and our desire to make waves in the entire esport ecosystem,
  • The V, is not only for Vitality but also for Victory and our promise to always aim for first place,
  • The hexagon, for the operation of a hive and a nod to France’s shape



Team Vitality wants to be a family and a community. We want to always communicate clearly and authentically with our fans.

Our goal is to inspire our audience, by always pushing the bar higher. From a team made up by friends, Vitality has quickly transitioned into being a company that has raised millions of euros, illustrating our fast progress and our development to excellence.

Education is one of our primary preoccupations, we want to train the future’s best players and to accompagny them on their journey to fulfilling their potential.


Now that we have established our leadership on a national and european level, our desire to become a world leader has been affirmed. We aim to achieve this through our strategic choices, whether that’s launching the CS:GO adventure or becoming a franchise of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).