You can now see the bee shining through the windows of our HQ at 102 Boulevard de Sebastopol. V.Hive is an event space dedicated to hosting master classes, conferences, presentation evenings, national events and showcases allowing Vitality to expand its reach in the world’s fastest growing entertainment sector.


It is also a meeting place with our community, so that we can all come together under the V banner, thank you for your loyalty and commitment, and expand our family to share our love of esport with as many people as possible.

V.Hive is a truly unique offer in Europe, giving sports fans and the general public the opportunity to get closer to their heroes than ever before in engaging experiences. Built with the aim of being a natural gathering place for fans and those curious about esports, the complex offers over 50m² of showcases in the lively centre of Paris for Team Vitality fans, and is designed to promote humane sporting experiences to immerse the public in our universe.

“Our fans are at the heart of everything we do, and the concept of V.Hive was to give them unparalleled access to our players and a foundation for them to experience sports united as a community,”

Fabien “Neo” Devide, co-founder of Team Vitality.

For this reason, we have created the place of our dreams, 1000m² in our image in the heart of Paris. We have designed a hybrid complex that can accommodate the public as well as the players and Vitality staff. Composed of several spaces, with for the general public :


V. Shop : come and discover our products in our shop and redecorate your wardrobe in the colors of Vitality.

V. Play :to share together the passion of video games, twenty setup are available in our HQ.

V. Bootcamp :  a training space for our players, visible from the shop you will have the opportunity to meet them.

V. Cafe :because it’s also a place to live, a café area has been designed to make a break between two games.


We can’t wait to meet you at V.Hive to share the same passion for esport!