Rémy Quoniam AKA


FR - 35 years old
Head Coach


Rémy is the coach of the CS2 team. He has over 14 years’ experience on the CS scene, which is quite a feat on the esport scene. Having coached the team from 2018, for the organization’s entry into the game, to 2021, for its international turn, the Frenchman continues to maintain a strong relationship with Team Vitality. From the outset, he succeeded in shaping the young roster, including ZywOo and apEX, and leading it to the top. After a spell with G2 and TSM, he joined the bees at the end of 2023, and successfully managed the various changes made to the team during the year. After winning the BLAST PREMIER: Fall Final 23 and BLAST PREMIER: World Final 2023 together, the roster went on to win best team of the year in the prestigious HTLV awards.