Dear fans,

We wanted to share with you that our toplaner Aleksandar “PatkicaA” Stefanović is going to be benched as of today from our LFL roster. PatkicaA will remain a member of the team and will be able to continue to take an active part in this project. 

With the recent performance of the LFL team we felt like a new change was needed, and while the results are not the fault of only PatkicaA we had to make a change somewhere. We will continue to support him and if we think he will be the better choice again at some point in the future we will of course utilize him.

To revitalize the roster, we would like to announce the arrival of German player Daniel “Scarface” Aitbelkacem in the position of top laner. Among his many qualities, Daniel has many years of experience and a great deal of energy, which he will be putting to good use for the Vitality.Bee. He is an aggressive player who likes to dominate his lane and has a strong ability to adapt. The 24-year-old won the Prime League in 2022 with Unicorns.

The entire team will be working in bootcamp from Paris over the next two weeks. The aim is to arrive in force for the LFL Days in Nice on 5 and 6 July.