• Team Vitality proudly announces its participation in the upcoming RLCS Spring Split Major in Boston and the RLCS World Championship in Düsseldorf.
  • The all-French team heads to Boston after winning all regional tournaments in the EU Spring Split and is looking to be the favourite for the RLCS International Spring Major.
  • The one-and-a-half-month-old team will be one of the proud representatives of France and Europe as it aims to dominate the competition in Boston.
  • The announcement shortly follows the reveal of the contract renewals of Alpha54 and Radosin until September 2025 and March 2024, respectively.

Today, leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is thrilled to announce the participation of its Rocket League team in the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS): Spring Split Major in Boston, July 6th-9th and the highly anticipated Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS): World Championship in Düsseldorf, August 3rd-13th. As one of the proud representatives of France and Europe in North America, Team Vitality aims to dominate the competition, showcasing its exceptional teamwork following its historic run, conquering all three tournaments in the RCLS European Spring splits.

After the arrival of  Alexis ‘Zen’ Bernier to the roster back in May, Team Vitality’s Rocket League players have established themselves as the leading force in the European region, securing an undefeated qualification for the Boston Major. This achievement demonstrates their unwavering skill and solidifies their position as the favourites heading into the event. Remarkably, they have broken records by triumphing in all three tournaments within the Spring Split of the EU region, establishing themselves as a formidable force in the Rocket League competitive scene.

In addition to their outstanding performance, Team Vitality recently unveiled contract renewals for two key players, Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois and Andrea “Radosin” Radovanović, ahead of the Boston Major. The organisation proudly confirms that Alpha54’s contract has been extended until September 2025, while Radosin will continue to represent Team Vitality until March 2024. These renewed commitments further strengthen the team’s unity and determination as they prepare to conquer the competition on the world stage.

Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, President and co-founder of Team Vitality, commented, “I’m delighted to announce the extension of the contracts of our captain Alpha54 and Radosin until 2025 and next year, respectively. This team has only existed for a month and a half since Zen joined last month. And yet it’s incredible to see how quickly the players progress and improve as a team with each tournament. In addition to this alchemy, they are very well supported and regularly take part in bootcamps to refine their strategies and coordination. We can look forward to the next major competitions with confidence. But there’s no doubt that this team wants to make a lasting mark on the history of Rocket League.

Team Vitality’s Rocket League team has generated significant anticipation among fans and industry professionals alike. Their relentless dedication, exceptional teamwork, and individual skills make them a formidable force to be reckoned with. As they embark on their journey to the Boston Major and Worlds, Team Vitality seeks to prove that they are here to stay and etch their name in the records of Rocket League history.