• Team Vitality announces skin trading site Tradeit as the Official Skin Trading & Skin Marketplace Partner of their Counter-Strike team alongside player representation and marketing agency Prodigy Agency
  • Team Vitality’s players will be the central focus of the new partnership as brand ambassadors, appearing in activations throughout the partnership and bringing the fans closer to Team Vitality than ever before
  • Team Vitality looks towards the future to use their strong form to create new stories alongside a passionate partner to solidify their presence in a new era of Counter-Strike esports

Paris, 16th October 2023: Leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is excited to announce that the top skin trading site Tradeit will be the Official Partner and the Official Skin Trading & Skin Marketplace Partner of their Counter-Strike team. Following an incredible 2023 season so far, Tradeit will support Team Vitality as they transition into the Counter-Strike 2 esports circuit and bring exciting activations for players and fans alike.

Team Vitality’s players will be the central focus of the new partnership as brand ambassadors. With a variety of activations planned throughout the partnership, fans can expect to see Team Vitality players more than ever before.

This year, Team Vitality’s Counter-Strike team has seen one of its most successful pro circuits, having won IEM Rio, Riyadh Masters, and the BLAST.tv Paris Major. As they transition into the Counter-Strike 2 esports circuit, Team Vitality and Tradeit will work together to create new engaging stories to inspire fans and players alike. As a long-standing stakeholder of the Counter-Strike industry, and leader in the skin trading market, Tradeit will work with Team Vitality to solidify their presence in the new era of Counter-Strike esports.

Tradeit has one of the largest user bases in the world. The trusted team of Counter-Strike players moderate the site which handles various trades of users’ highly valued skins. Tradeit offers an unparalleled experience which allows its users to trade Counter-Strike skins effortlessly and securely using bot trading technology. Tradeit features robust security measures, including the use of the Steam API key and trade offer confirmation processes, to safeguard users’ Steam accounts and inventory during transactions.

The partnership was made possible by esports players and marketing company Prodigy Agency, who work with many of Team Vitality’s top players. Prodigy is one of the world’s leading esports and players management agencies, focused on supporting the best players but also young and upcoming talents at the earliest stages of their careers and helping them flourish in the esports scene, aligning Team Vitality’s goal of elevating new talent in the industry. As Prodigy players, ZywOo, apEX, flameZ, and Spinx will be at the centre of this partnership, set to be featured in many of Tradeit’s upcoming activations.

As the Official Partner of Team Vitality’s Counter-Strike team, Tradeit will feature on the team’s jersey from September 16th at IEM Sydney onwards, holding a symbolic presence below player’s names to support them in the new stage of Counter-Strike esports. Alongside supporting the team through competitions, Tradeit will also work with Team Vitality all year round through activations to follow the team’s success stories.

We’re pleased to partner with an organisation that is dedicated to improving the Counter-Strike esports ecosystem. Tradeit has been a mainstay of the Counter-Strike community and we’re excited to work alongside them to develop new and exciting activations for our fans! It’s an incredible time for everyone as we adapt and prepare for the next chapter of Counter-Strike, and we’re pleased to have Tradeit support us as we look to dominate the CS2 esports scene.said Nicolas ‘Nico’ Maurer, Co-owner, Founder and CEO of Team Vitality.

Today marks an exciting milestone for tradeit.gg as we join forces with the esports powerhouse, Vitality, in combination with the leading esports agency Prodigy Agency and their players. This partnership embodies our shared commitment to innovation, excellence, and the gaming community. Together, we will help shape the future of esports, setting a new standard for skin trading and empowering gamers worldwide to unlock new opportunities. Get ready for a game-changing journey with the best skin site tradeit.gg ,the best team Vitality and the best agency Prodigy.– Jimi Gecelter, CEO of tradeit.gg

Through a groundbreaking relationship and collaboration between Tradeit and Prodigy Agency, we have proudly established an innovative combined partnership involving some of the best esports players in the world: ZywOo, apEX, flameZ, Spinx, and their organisation, Team Vitality. In an open-minded collaboration with Team Vitality, we have established a successful partnership that benefits all parties involved. Both the players and the organisation will contribute value to Tradeit and generate their own revenue. We are excited to witness the remarkable achievements we will accomplish all together with Tradeit in the next year and beyond.said Jérôme Coupez, Founder and CEO Prodigy Agency