• Team Vitality brings together its current RLCS World Champions and Legends of Rocket League including Jos’ ViolentPanda’ van Meurs, Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson and Justin ‘jstn’ Morales to face off in a showmatch of the ages powered by Unilever’s Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s at V.Hive, from 20:00 CET on December 15th 2023.
  • The evening will see all-star players compete over three games, featuring rosters mixing up in a 4v4, thrilling 1v1s between Team Vitality players, and a head-to-head match between the RLCS Champions and their legendary guests.
  • Fans can register online to immerse themselves in the festivities, enjoy the last Rocket League event for 2023 and escape the winter chill as V.Hive is transformed into a cosy mountain chalet with sweet treats provided by Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s throughout the night. Register here.
  • The event will also be streamed live on Scottish casting legend John ‘JohnnyBoi_i’ MacDonald’s Twitch channel – https://www.twitch.tv/johnnyboi_i


Paris, December 11th, 2023 – Leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is thrilled to reveal The Frozen All Stars, a spectacular Rocket League exhibition match and fan event supported by Unilever’s iconic ice cream brands Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum. On December 15th, 2023, The Frozen All Stars will be live-streamed from Team Vitality’s Twitch channel and TikTok page, presented by the French Casters Robin ‘LifeIsCool’ Pachot-Giroux and Boyan ‘Boyan’ Kaftandjiev from Rocket Baguette. Scottish Rocket League casting legend, John ‘JohnnyBoi_i’ MacDonald will also stream the tournament globally through his official Twitch Channel.


As a gift to the Rocket League community, The Frozen All Stars will feature Team Vitality’s powerhouse 2024 Rocket League roster, including 2023 RLCS World Champions Yanis ‘Alpha54’ Champenois, Andrea ‘Radosin’ Radovanovic, Alexis ‘zen’ Bernier alongside the newly appointed head coach Victor ‘Fairy Peak!’ Locquet.

The Frozen All Stars has invited legends from across the globe to join in the festivities, such as:

  • Jos ‘ViolentPanda’ van Meurs, a 25-year-old Dutch gaming prodigy. Boasting two World Championships and the 2020 European title, he’s now leveraging his strategic prowess as a coach at Dignitas. With a knack for creating crucial opportunities, ViolentPanda is set to create unforgettable moments during the showmatch.
  • Kyle ‘Scrub Killa” Robertson, at the age of 20, the Scottish prodigy was catapulted into the limelight, showcasing his extraordinary 1v1 skills in Rocket League caster JohnnyBoi’s show matches. Recognising his talent, Team Vitality recruited him, leading to a triumphant victory at the Season 7 World Championship in 2019 alongside teammates Kaydop and Fairy Peak. 
  • Justin ‘jstn.’ Morales, a 21-year-old American prodigy. He achieved legendary status with a jaw-dropping 0-second goal in the season 5 final, though his team didn’t clinch victory. In 2019, he secured the Season 8 World Championship title, scoring the winning goal in a final showdown against Team Vitality.
  • Bruno Alexandre “Acronik” dos Santos Lopes, 18, is of Portuguese origin. He made a name for himself with his in-game mechanics, becoming the first player to achieve a double reset in a match against Solary in the RLCS X season. A former Team Liquid player, Acronik finished top 4 at the 2022-2023 Worlds alongside players Oski and Atow.

Fans worldwide can tune in to the broadcast on Team Vitality’s Twitch channel featuring the casting duo of Robin ‘LifeIsCool’ Pachot-Giroux and Boyan ‘Boyan’ Kaftandjiev to witness the pulse-pounding battle of the champions as it unfolds.


All evening, ‘The Frozen All Stars’ promises highly competitive clashes with a breathtaking display of skill and strategy. The evening will take place in three parts with different modes, with plenty of time for fans to enjoy delicious frozen treats between each match.

  • Game 1: mix of players!
    Following a public vote on Twitter, players will be divided into two teams of four. This is the first time that spectators will have the chance to witness a match that brings together players like Zen, Scrub Killa, or ViolentPanda on the same team. An exceptional format full of challenges!
  • Game 2: 1v1, for Team Vitality players!
    After a pulse-pounding first game, the second course of the tournament will see Team Vitality players put their skills to the test against each other in thrilling 1v1 matches.
  • Game 3: Team Vitality vs their guests!
    To finish, the showmatch ends with the Team Vitality roster, coached by FairyPeak!, fighting it out against the international players. As the rounds tick forward, the international players will rotate the role of coach – giving each player the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility and showcase their coaching prowess.


The festivities are not just limited to the online experience. Team Vitality will open the doors to  V.Hive for the community. Collaborating with Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, the esports organisation has transformed their Parisian spaces into magical, winter-warming experiences.

  • The V.Café will be repainted in Magnum’s iconic colours, where it will be possible to eat personalised ice creams.
  • V.Play will welcome players for the showmatch in an enchanted setting.
  • The V.Shop will be transformed into Ben & Jerry’s colours with a Rocket League IRL style game, with remote-controlled cars.
  • The Bootcamp will become ‘The Ben & Jerry’s Apartment’, a cosy lounge where fans can watch the matches, blind taste ice cream flavours, and look forward to prize giveaways throughout the evening.

Attendees not only have the chance to enjoy the immersive atmosphere but can also experience the excitement firsthand. Fans can use cutting-edge equipment and put their Rocket League skills to the test, meet both Team Vitality players and the legendary guests, all while indulging in the delicious icy treats provided by Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s.

The Frozen All Stars is a brilliant example of Team Vitality’s commitment to creating thrilling events focused on putting its fans at the forefront of esports entertainment. With the help of Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, this event showcases the incredible talent of Team Vitality’s current RLCS World champions and Rocket League All Star legends and unites its players and fans through the shared enjoyment of epic plays and frozen desserts – fostering inclusion within the community. The Frozen All Stars is more than just an exhibition match; it’s a celebration of passion, entertainment, and the joy of coming together as a global esports community. explains Nicolas Maurer – CEO at Team Vitality.

“Leaders in the ice cream market, Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s want to position themselves as pioneers in new media and esports. By partnering with Team Vitality, number 1 in France, we are addressing our fans in a territory that speaks to them. With “The Frozen All Stars” event we are keen to give them a new and unique experience with our brands.” states Nathalie Tempra – Head of Marketing Unilever Ice Cream.