• Joining Tomas “Destrian” Linikas and Jokūbas “ceNder” Labutis are former Team Liquid player, Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel, promising rookie Emil “runneR” Trajkovsk and young prodigy Kimmie “Kicks” Laasner.
  • The new lineup represents a fresh start for Team Vitality and its long-term plans to return as a dominant force in the European VALORANT circuit.
  • The new roster shows the club’s desire to support new players entering the scene while performing at the highest level of competition.

Leading esports organisation Team Vitality is pleased to announce the latest additions to its VALORANT roster: Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel, Emil “runneR” Trajkovski, and Kimmie “Kicks” Laasner. This dynamic trio joins forces with Team Vitality stars Jokūbas “ceNder” Labutis, who serves as the team’s in-game leader, and Tomas “Destrian” Linikas. With a combination of seasoned experience and promising talent, the new roster is set to make an explosive debut in the upcoming VCT 2024 season.


Dynamic Duellist Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel is an iconic figure in the VALORANT scene, having achieved victory in the VCT EMEA 2023 European league with Team Liquid. The Swedish sensation is widely recognised as one of the game’s top-tier players. His wealth of experience is poised to play a pivotal role within the team, contributing to in-game communication and the nurturing and development of young talent.

Emil “runneR” Trajkovski, a 19-year-old Macedonian duelist,  one of the most promising wonderkids in Europe. He secured the title of MVP at VALORANT Challengers 2023 East: Surge Split 2 while playing for Diamant Esports. Possessing remarkable individual skills, he now faces the challenge of demonstrating his full potential in the highly competitive European league.

A rising talent hailing from Estonia, Kimmie “Kicks” Laasner stands as a young prodigy in the world of esports. With a remarkable game sense, this 18-year-old sensation has put any doubts about his potential to rest following his impressive seasons with Team Bonk, where he boasts a first blood success rate of 49%.

Sayf, runneR, and Kicks are the latest additions to the roster, joining forces with ceNder and Destrian. Former Valorant World Champion, Jokūbas “ceNder” Labutis will step into the role of In-Game Leader (IGL), where his extensive experience on the clubs roster and calling the shots in-game make him a natural fit for a leadership position.

Meanwhile, Tomas “Destrian” Linikas continues to be a cornerstone of the team. Leveraging the expertise gained through their time with the French club and working closely with the coaching staff, the two will provide invaluable support to the new arrivals.

“We think about our team in the long term, that’s our priority. On the one hand, we have recruited two young players who have the potential to become among the best in the world. And on the other hand, we have ceNder new as IGL, and with the capacity to take this roster very far.” explains Salah “Salah” Barakat, Head Coach of the team “I have never felt such chemistry in a team, there is a real family atmosphere between the youngest and the most experienced. Everyone gets along very well. The fact that a player like Sayf joins Destrian and ceNder, as well as our two young prospects, allows us to have a strong competitive spirit and great room for flexibility depending on the development of our young people. Believe me, they really have the ability; with this team, “the sky is the limit”.


For this new season, Team Vitality is playing the explosiveness card. By composing this new roster, the club remains faithful to its desire to perform while supporting new players up to the highest level of the competition.

All five players will continue to be trained at Team Vitality’s Berlin facility under the direction of coach Salah “Salah” Barakat, assistant coach Harry “Gorilla” Mepham, and analyst Joseph “Strong” Edwards. Finally, Robert Mulgan remains the Team Manager, and Marcus Askildsen as Performance Manager, to support the players throughout the year.

With the goal of qualifying for the Champions, the team needed a fresh start to rebuild. Together, they will have the best training conditions to reach their peak performance.

This new team has incredible potential. And it is also up to us, as a club, to trigger the explosive dynamic that it is capable of instilling on the server. First, integrate our youngest players well by relying on the experience of our more seasoned players and our staff. And secondly, by supporting and shaping ceNder’s strategic vision of the game, complementing that of Sayf.” By meeting these two challenges, I think we can dream of reaching the Champions by the end of the year.” declares Fabien “Neo” Devide, President of Team Vitality.