After winning the Spring Open, Spring Cup and Spring Invitational, our young Rocket League team won the RLCS 2022-23 Spring Split Major in Boston. It was a perfect Spring Split for our 3 players: Alpha54, Zen and Radosin, who were attending their very first Major together. It was the first time in the history of the game that a team had achieved the perfect split, i.e. winning 3 regionals and the Major.

A memorable journey from the lower bracket

This fantastic run began with two wins on 6 July, first against Elevate, then from Complexity. This good start automatically qualified us for the upper bracket, without having to play again the next day.

And that’s when things got complicated, at the first public match on 8 July. For our young prodigy Zen’s first stage in the upper-bracket semi-finals, our team lost to a BDS team in great form. This defeat, which sent us straight into the lower bracket, was only the second on the split. But it did not dampen the spirits of our young players: against GenG, they won 4-0 and qualified for the rest of the competition. 

Then came Championship Sunday. Despite an attractive Rule One team, our roster made short work of them, winning 4-0. The team also set a Rocket League LAN overtime record against their opponents in game 3 with +12:02 (i.e. 17min02 per match). In their first meeting with the other Rocket League prodigy, RW9, Zen won outright.

In the final of the lower bracket, Team Vitality takes on their rivals from KCorp. In a very tight duel that ended in overtime in game 7, Team Vitality scored 3 goals in 2 minutes. Just enough to see us through to the grand final against BDS!

Exhausted but determined, our players and their coach Ferra threw themselves into the race for the bracket reset. In two BO7s, Team Vitality managed to retain their status as leaders by winning 4-2, then 4-1. In doing so, they achieved the feat of a perfect split in their very first Major.

The record-breaking split

In just two months, our Rocket League team has managed to make history: they are the first team to achieve the perfect split. With our great captain Alpha54 and a fiery Radosin, we’ve had a great spring season. But it was Zen who came out on top, taking home the Major and Offensive MVP awards. These are great rewards for his efforts and incredible performance on the server. Another notable distinction: our incredible coach Ferra became the only person on the scene to win a Major as both a player and a coach. 

In all, Team Vitality has now accumulated enough points to qualify directly for the Worlds Main Event next August. 

The RLCS Spring Split Major 2023 became the second most-watched Rocket League event, with a peak audience of 323,000 viewers and an average of 133,212 viewers (according to Esports Charts).