While we are working hard on preparing for the upcoming VCT league season in 2023, we want to take our time to close the VRL chapter of our organization. With the release of these three players we look back at what we achieved together.

They all joined Team Vitality in May of 2022 after a lacklustre Stage 1 where we didn’t qualify for the playoffs. After a rocky 1-3 start in the first two weeks, it was clear that the new arrivals had levelled up our game and with only one loss in the last 14 matches we secured our spot in the Playoffs with a beautiful 14-4 record.

We started in the semi-final for the playoffs where we faced our French rivals Karmine Corp! Not an easy match for sure, but we came with a lot of confidence off our regular season run. The game was a certified banger as it required all five maps in the end, and H1BER performing out of his mind, but we took the win 3-2 and ended up in the finals match vs. MAD Lions

After a close match in the semi’s we felt unstoppable going into the finals and the match never struck the same nerve as the previous one did. After an OT win in the first map on Breeze we never looked back, and took the VRL: France title with a clean 3-0 win!

As champions we qualified for the VRL: Regional Finals against other regional champions from all over Europe, and we were ready to fight with a new theme song playing through our headset!

The opponents had levelled up a bit, but so had we, and while we lost one match we made it through to the playoffs with a positive score, and a chance to go all the way. We chose the upper bracket way by securing a 2-0 win over FUT, and a 2-1 win over CASE esports – the team that had won our group ahead of us.

We were now in the grand finals and facing FUT Esports once again, after beating them 2-0 in the upper bracket. The teams thought tooth and nail, and with every map going down to the wire. But after being up 2-0 there was no more energy left in the tank and we experienced an unfortunate reverse sweep and had to make due with a second place.

An incredible performance by the team nonetheless, and something that will be a part of Team Vitality history forever.

We want to once again thank the guys for all their incredible performances and work they’ve done as players for Team Vitality. We wish you all the best moving forward, and we hope to see you on the server again in the future!