• Team Vitality unveils its 10-year Anniversary Jersey, designed to commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future
  • The jersey has been gradually teased through a series of contents, via the #VforVitality anniversary campaign, commemorating the club’s birthday and Team Vitality’s inspiring infancy.
  • 250 anniversary packages, featuring the jersey alongside exclusive merchandise, are available for a limited time, priced at 99,99€
  • The 10-year Anniversary Jersey, priced at 79,99€, is available to purchase now.

Leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is excited to unveil its 10-Year Anniversary Jersey. Designed to commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future, this jersey which is Team Vitality’s first white alternate jersey pays homage to the club’s iconic 2014 design, symbolising their international debut. It also honors Team Vitality’s remarkable year, highlighted by victories at the BLAST.TV Paris Major and the Düsseldorf Worlds in CS:GO and Rocket League. The 10-year jersey guides fans through their journey from emergence to dominance in esports, embodying vision for the future.

A collector's anniversary jersey

The jersey features stripes of electric yellow on the front and collar, splashes of white on the back and chest, and bold, black sleeves. The design also includes the emblematic Roman Numeral X on the back to mark the 10-year anniversary of the team and the iconic Team Vitality coat of arms proudly emblazoned on the chest.

Team Vitality has also curated 250 limited anniversary packages to kick off the jersey launch. In addition to the 10-year anniversary jersey wrapped in silk paper, the deluxe package creates a unique experience for the individual. When unboxing the jersey, owners will face a beautiful palindrome embossed on the lid, readable both ways using the mirror sheet. Below the sheet, the package offers limited anniversary merchandise with an anniversary sticker pack, cards of Team Vitality legends and privileged access to the wearable for V.Hive application

Celebrating an exceptional year

Celebrating the launch of the jersey, Team Vitality created a campaign that captures the very essence of the organisation. Representing the future of the organisation, the anniversary photoshoot will feature fans, staff, and players, including Alpha54, Upset, Photon and Zen, who all support and represent the esports club’s vision. The campaign is a tribute to the team’s roots, its pursuit of excellence, and, most importantly, its devotion to its fans.

Nicolas Maurer, CEO and Co-Founder of Team Vitality, commented,This jersey marks a momentous occasion for us as an organisation, it’s both a lot of achievement and a lot of emotion. It is also a symbol to  commemorate and reflect on our journey from the past decade. And we’re looking to the future, to our next big challenge, and to our next ten years. With this jersey, we would like to thank every player, ambassador, staff member and fan who helped shape this organisation into what it is today.”