• Team Vitality is partnering with Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company Unilever to offer unique experiences throughout 2024.
  • Together, the two brands will aim to enhance esports and develop exciting moments of escapism for the fans.
  • As a first demonstration of the premium quality of this new partnership, the Frozen All Stars showmatch sponsored by Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s held at V.Hive (Paris) last night.

Paris, December 16th, 2023 – Leading global esports organisation Team Vitality is pleased to announce its partnership with Unilever and their iconic ice cream brands, Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, for 2024. They will work alongside the French club to develop tailor-made activations for esports fans to indulge in rich dessert goodness alongside celebrations of esports.


Throughout the 2024 esports calendar, Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s will have the opportunity to support several teams from the French club, utilising their unique branding and fields of expression. The two brands will be present on the jerseys (at the collarbone level), thus supporting their favourite teams and embodying common values. Magnum will appear on the jerseys of the LEC and VALORANT teams, while Ben & Jerry’s will be positioned on those of the LFL and Rocket League teams.

The two brands will also work alongside Team Vitality to create and organise immersive experiences during the most anticipated competition moments. Together, they’ll create digital  activations to accompany the LEC and VCT, and physical experiences during the major highlights of the Rocket League Major and the Counter-Strike 2 Major in Copenhagen.

Leaders in their respective sectors, Team Vitality and Unilever, through Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, will also work together to create grand all-encompassing experiences that aim to encourage the fans’ passion for esports. This is evidenced by The Frozen All Stars event which teased this partnership as part of an exciting Rocket League showmatch for the dedicated community.


To launch the new partnership, Team Vitality and the two brands of Unilever provided fans with the Rocket League: The Frozen All Stars showmatch, paying tribute to the passion of the fans ahead of the 2024 competitive season. The showmatch featured the world champion team of Team Vitality, against international legends of the game in a series of entertaining and thrilling matches. The Frozen All Stars was streamed on Team Vitality’s Twitch channel and TikTok accounts, cast by Boyan and LifeIsCool from the Rocket Baguette channel in France. There was also an English broadcast by the famous caster JohnnyBoi_i on his Twitch channel. 

Inspired by the NBA All-Star Game format that came before, the showmatch took place in a transformed V.Hive in Paris that mirrored the comfort of a mountain chalet. Throughout the evening, fans were able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while watching the match alongside being able to try Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream through different taste experiences (blind tests, ranking).

Team Vitality and Unilever will continue to offer esports fans sensational new experiences, like Frozen All Stars, throughout 2024.

“We are very pleased to welcome the Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s brands to our family of partners. We are looking forward to the opportunity this partnership brings to help us further enhance the fan experience. For Team Vitality, working with an industry giant like Unilever shows all the added value of esports and the development prospects of the esports sector.”  explains Nicolas Maurer – CEO at Team Vitality.

“I’m delighted to reveal this partnership with Team Vitality. We share the same vision of seeking excellence and encourage passion in young people. Thanks to their presence on several key games in France and internationally, we will be able to create unforgettable and gourmet experiences for all esports fans.” states Nathalie Tempra – Head of Marketing Unilever Ice Cream.