On 5 August 2013, Team Vitality was founded by a team of esport enthusiasts. Ten years on, these craftsmen of madness have managed to build the foundations of an entire sector in France and win 31 amazing major titles. The high point of this magnificent decade was undoubtedly the victory of the latest CS:GO Major at home, in front of thousands of French fans. Making the dream… possible.

Esports has always been focused on the future and moving as fast as possible. This sector, a symbol of passion, ambition and performance, requires us to aim ever higher and stay one step ahead. In this frenetic pace, that’s the sine qua non for continuing to win the support of millions of fans around the world and aim for nothing less than the top of the rankings. 

Many of our fans have been cheering us on since day one. Others have joined us along the way. All of them have a love of the jersey, offer us unfailing support and encourage us at every moment. More than ever, we wanted you to witness this incredible moment of life that we have experienced all  together. We’ve taken the time to delve into our achievements to share this legacy with you.

For our tenth anniversary we’re unveiling the V for Vitality campaign, which commemorates our past, celebrates our present and inspires our future. V for Vitality is a journey through the last ten years. Even though a lot has happened, it’s also a way of showing you that we are, and always will be, Team Vitality. Throughout the summer, we’ll be proudly showing you what each strand of our DNA is made up of, in a whirlwind of emotions through authentic and creative content.

Commemorating the past and celebrating the present of an esport giant

As we embark on this journey, we haven’t hesitated to use the nostalgia card. For several months now, you’ve been able to read about the On this day format on our networks. As part of its mission, Team Vitality has always been committed to revealing, developing and celebrating talents. With On this day, we can look back at the club’s historic dates and recall the players who have marked our history and that of esports in general.

Today, we’re revealing a video that delves deep into the history of Team Vitality. It retraces the club’s most memorable moments in a short but adrenalin-fuelled sequence. The aim is to relive our greatest moments so that our fans’ hearts can beat to the rhythm of emotions and extraordinary memories.

Content all summer long to pay tribute to our DNA

During this special time of year, we’ll be turning the spotlight on our old legends. The month of July will be dedicated to the club’s greatest legends. Digital and physical content will accompany us right up to the anniversary.  

August, meanwhile, will see a host of brand new content. Disruptive, creative and innovative, it will be a call to adventure. This campaign is a golden opportunity to look back at our origins, our rise to international stardom and our evolution from a simple meeting to a high-performance team of superstars.

Stay tuned yellow hearts!