• Team Vitality makes waves by launching its latest collection in partnership with the iconic manga series Hunter x Hunter.
  • The collection marks Team Vitality’s second foray into the world of manga, following the huge success of its collaboration with Naruto back in December 2022.
  • The line features various treasures, including two tees, one hoodie, a cap and a skateboard.
  • The limited collection launches today on the shop.vitality.gg and at the V.Shop in the V.Hive, Paris.

Today, leading global esports organisation Team Vitality has unveiled its latest collaboration with the legendary manga series Hunter x Hunter. This groundbreaking partnership draws inspiration from the fantastical world and captivating characters of Hunter x Hunter, resulting in a truly exceptional collection. Through these unique offerings, Team Vitality continues to showcase its boundless creativity while solidifying its presence in the gaming and esports communities, fostering exciting and innovative collaborations.

Team Vitality’s collaboration with Hunter x Hunter celebrates the trending intersection of gaming, manga, and anime. It has been a joy creating a collection that underlines the cultural convergence of these communities with one of the most successful animes ever made. We are thrilled to bring Team Vitality and Hunter x Hunter fans together with a collection that embodies the essence of both worlds. By creating distinctive pieces, we aim to captivate not only our dedicated supporters but also streetwear enthusiasts who appreciate unique fashion expressions.”Amélie Canet, Director of Diversification and Merchandising at Team Vitality.

Following the resounding success of its previous collaboration with Naruto back in December 2022, this collaboration marks Team Vitality’s second foray into the realm of manga. By embracing the fantastical universe of Hunter x Hunter, Team Vitality not only taps into the passions of its dedicated followers but also strengthens the interconnection between esports and fashion. The following items from the line will cost; tee’s – 39,99€ each, hoodie – 69,99€, a cap – 29,99 €, and skateboard – 99,99€ and will be launched today on the shop.vitality.gg

Each tee in this collection showcases Team Vitality typography tailored to complement the featured Hunter x Hunter character. The first tee, in captivating black with green stylisation, captures the essence of Gon Freecss. It prominently displays the main protagonist on the front. Moving on, the pristine white tee highlights Gon’s closest friend, Killua Zoldyck, in a complementary lilac hue on both front and back.

Vitality x Hunter Tee’s: Black Tee Gon and White Tee Killua

Delving deeper into the collaboration, Team Vitality and Hunter x Hunter have also unveiled a stylish white hoodie. Shifting gears, the hoodie embraces a modern streetwear aesthetic. It features Japanese typography and the Team Vitality logo adorning the sleeves, while the back proudly displays the Hunter x Hunter squad. 

Vitality x Hunter Hoodies: White Hoodie Hunter Crew

The Team Vitality and Hunter x Hunter collection also includes a stylish white hoodie. This sweatshirt has a modern streetwear aesthetic. It features Japanese typography and the Team Vitality logo on the sleeves, while the back reveals the Hunter x Hunter characters.

Vitality x Hunter: Vitality x Hunter Black Cap, Red & Yellow Killua Skateboard

Introducing the more innovative pieces of the collection, the collaboration showcases a cap and skateboard that truly stand out. The cap embraces simplicity, featuring the Team Vitality Bee in dark green on the front, contrasting with the hat’s black canvas. While the back of the cap proudly displays the iconic Hunter x Hunter logo. 

Turning our attention to the skateboard, which undoubtedly steals the spotlight. The deck, a product of HLC Skate Factory’s expert craftsmanship, stands as a testament to its reputation as the world’s foremost skateboard manufacturer. Having created boards for prominent names within skate culture, such as PLAN B, FLIP and SK8MAFIA, this skateboard seamlessly blends artistic flair with cutting-edge technology. 

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours of the Hunter x Hunter logo, this skateboard exudes a bold and energetic vibe. The top half of the deck boasts a striking red arrow on a vibrant yellow background, showcasing both the Hunter x Hunter and Team Vitality Crests. As you move downward, the bottom of the deck maintains a bright yellow hue, brilliantly accentuating the presence of the red wheels. Fans can rest assured that their skateboard’s creation combines precision, advanced manufacturing techniques, and a legacy of approval from professional skateboarders, guaranteeing a ride that is as exhilarating as it is eye-catching.

A new, timeless collection for fans of Team Vitality and streetwear

The collection is meticulously designed for versatility, effortlessly fitting into a rapidly evolving fashion ecosystem while maintaining a timeless appeal. It offers a range of items that inspires both the esports and anime/manga communities to create captivating and attractive apparel. The Hunter x Hunter collaboration has been designed with Team Vitality’s fans in mind, created to accompany them on their quest for adventure, whether that’s locating rare or unidentified animal species, hunting for treasure or just going through the motions of day-to-day life.

A producer of industry-leading fashion, Team Vitality pushes for innovation where esports and fashion collide to create the spectacular, such as its exciting 2023 Spring capsule collection, ‘Bombers Original’ which drew upon the aesthetics of the iconic cities Tokyo and Las Vegas. Team Vitality has continuously proven its commitment to creating apparel that fits the changing needs of its fans over the years. 

More information

The individual items are available for purchase at the price of:

  • Tees, 39,99€
  • Hoodie, 69,99€
  • Cap, 29,99€
  • Skateboard, 99,99€

On the Team Vitality online store, directly at the shop at V.Hive.