• Team Vitality launches its latest lifestyle collection fresh off the tarmac inspired by the spirit of adventure, made for globetrotters who desire to live a life of memorable experiences.
  • The collection features an assortment of tees, outerwear and accessories that embody the urban explorer aesthetic.
  • Team Vitality presents its new collection through a stunning photoshoot done at the iconic Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, Le Bourget.
  • The limited collection launches today on the shop.vitality.gg and directly at the V.Hive shop.

Paris, 20th October 2023: Today, Team Vitality, the leading global esports organisation, has announced its latest lifestyle drop inspired by the iconic styles of passport stamps, airport graphics and aerospace culture. This unique collection, consisting of three tees 24,99€ each, two hoodies 59,99€ each, gloves at 14,99€ and a scarf at 19,99€, launches today on the shop.vitality.gg.

Team Vitality’s campaign promotes the travel-inspired fall collection with a photoshoot organised at the iconic Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace in Le Bourget, one of the world’s oldest and largest air and space museums.

For the explorers who prefer warmer streetwear, the collection offers two utilitarian hoodies catering to the nature of free-spirited individuals looking for reliable staples to fit into their everyday travels. It features one minimalist hoodie in a neutral green with simple white graphics and one turquoise hoodie with a black hood and travel-themed patches donned across both sleeves.

Three tees in white, black and blue grey have also dropped into the rotation. Each tee offers a different design, reflecting the desire for escapism and discovery. The slate grey tee features graphics of various named locations across the back, reminiscent of an airport’s flight billboard.

To wrap up the collection, Team Vitality is also adding a pair of lightweight black gloves and a sage green woven scarf with the clubs’ emblem and typography displayed in grey to contrast. Both accessories have been designed to keep its wearers warm during their colder adventures.

All garments have been designed to fit the everyday traveller’s needs, who is looking for the next adventure, no matter how big or small, short or long. Each item in the drop features minimalistic, air-travel-inspired graphics of the organisation’s crest that fit cohesively into the design.

Team Vitality’s new collection has been designed with its fans in mind, created to accompany them on their quest for adventure and in their day-to-day life. The fall collection allows Team Vitality to reset the status quo on how the typical gamer dresses, driving the esports fashion movement to new heights.

Positioning itself as a producer of industry-leading fashion, Team Vitality pushes for innovation where esports and fashion collide to create the spectacular, such as its most recent, ‘Team Vitality x Hunter x Hunter’ drop, which underlines the cultural convergence of both the esports and anime communities. Team Vitality has continuously proven its commitment to creating apparel that fits the changing needs of its fans over the years.

This collection symbolises Team Vitality’s desire to blur the lines between esports and fashion, with a unique collection that could be worn by anyone. This collection is inspired by the club’s desire to seek out adventures and conquer new horizons, we wanted to provide a line that offers a variety of essentials to a wider audience that will fit effortlessly into any streetwear and esports fans daily rotation”, explains Amélie Canet – Director of Diversification and Merchandising at Team Vitality