Victor Locquet AKA

Fairy Peak!

FR - 25 years old
Head Coach


FairyPeak! is one of the legends of Rocket League. He first made his mark on the game’s history with a brilliant career as a player. Alongside Kaydop and Scrub Killa, he became World Champion in 2019 in the colours of Team Vitality. FairyPeak! went on to win numerous titles, including European Champion on several occasions. At the same time, he maintained strong links with his own community, who followed him continuously on his Twitch channel. 

In 2023, he decided to write a new page in his legacy by becoming Coach. He re-signed with Team Vitality, who supported him in his new esports era. Today, he is faced with the daunting challenge of taking charge of a reigning world champion team. With his wealth of experience, dedication and vision, FairyPeak! is sure to keep the team at the top of the game.